CALL TO ACTION – Human Intelligence vs. Surging in Afghanistan From 17,000 U.S. Troops to 70,000 and Beyond

Click here for how to participate in our six-degrees-of-separation "Call to Action" to send (and have all of our friends and acquaintances send in an unending chain) an e-mail to President Obama respectfully requesting an explanation of why human intelligence capabilities, together with other programs that have been put in place since 9-11-2001, are not sufficient to protect America and its allies from potential attacks from terrorist organizations based in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And whether fighting an air war against the areas of Pakistan that are not controlled by its central government (thereby risking the extension of Fundamentalist-Islamic rule installed earlier this year in the Swat Valley to all of Pakistan) and trying to subjugate Afghanistan as a base to fight that air war when Afghanistan has never been conquered successfully for any length of time throughout recorded history, adds or detracts from our overall intelligence capabilities to detect and prevent terrorist attacks on America and its allies.
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