Original Proposal - General Motors + the EPA Perpetrating Fraud Re the Chevrolet Volt - Nov 18

Originally proposed by Pat on 17 August 2009
361 views before being transplanted here on 24 October 2009

There is no assigned book this month. However, there is a wealth of materials posted on this bulletin board from previous discussions of the environmental disaster that is a coal-fired or natural-gas fired electrical-generation plant =

(1) For 6 September 2007 (23 months ago) – “Electricity - The Biggest Polluter” posted under Participant Comments on “Assault on Reason”

(2) For 11 October 2007 (22 months ago) – everything posted for that date as we focused on “Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America’s Energy Future” by Jeff Goodell © 2006 (available from your local library or in paperback from Amazon.com for $9.50 new/$1.29 used + shipping).

(3) For 9 July 2008 (13 months ago) – Q&A No. 4 posted under Participant Comments on “Everything About Oil”

(4) For 12 November 2008 (9 months ago) – The Entire First Quiz and Suggested Answers as we were focusing on Al Gore’s Challenge to America – focusing on the disappointing championing by Barack Obama of the coal industry IN OPPOSITION TO AL GORE!!!
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