Is War With Iran Inevitable??? - Topic for Dec 13

Including Hillary Clinton's Repeated Bashing of the Bush Administration for "Being Soft on Iran" + Israel's Bombing Syria 9/6/2007 and Israel's Iranian Plans. These three postings include (1) Pat's original proposal of this topic, (2) the careful analysis on 9/18/2007 by the former Editor of the Jerusalem Post of what happened when Israel bombed Syria on 9/6/2007 (a subject about which nobody in the U.S. or abroad was saying anything, and about which very little continues to be said) and (3) the "Face the Nation" transcript for 10/28/2007 of Sen. Armed Services Chair Carl Levin (D-MI) and Minority Member Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for which Moderator Bob Schieffer said in his introduction: "The foreign-affairs focus of the major Presidential candidates, both Democrat and Republican, seems to have swung from Iraq to Iran. On the Republican side, Guiliani, Romney, et. al., seem to be competing to provide the most emphatic sound bite that they will stop at nothing to insure that Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons. While Hillary is acting as if she already has the nomination and is already waging a general-election campaign in which she appears to be just as belligerent/militant toward Iran."
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