Reference Materials - After Iran Gets The Bomb (Foreign Affairs Magazine Lead Article) - May 12th

The first three reference materials = The Foreign Affairs article (11.5 Microsoft Word pages), a NY Times article (2 pages) providing context for the Foreign Affairs article, and an essay (3 pages) providing sharper focus =

Even is one presumes Arabs are more gullible than Charles de Gaulle or the Israelis, both of whom refused to place any trust whatsoever in the American nuclear umbrella (as a result of which Israel for the last 37 years has not been the answer to the trivia question – What WAS Israel?) – (1) can mutually-assured nuclear destruction (“MAD”) work with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, or (2) is he more like Fidel Castro who, Soviet archives de-classified in the Glasnost era disclosed, was ready to fire the Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba at the U.S. upon their discovery in October 1962 if Nikita Khrushchev hadn’t ordered the missiles removed from the custody of a “mad man” (Khrushchev’s term for Castro after receiving Castro’s offer to destroy himself and the Cuban people)).

This may be the most important issue facing the world today – since it is unlikely that more than a small portion of the human race would be able to survive without Middle Eastern oil supplies that have become radioactive. After all, losing most of the world’s oil production impacts not only transportation, but also the production of fertilizer and heating oil.
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