Original Proposal - MurderCity - What does Juarez say about our future? - Oct 13th

Our focus will be Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields by Charles Bowden ((c) Nations Books 3/1/2010), available in hardcover only from your local library or from Amazon.com for $18.15 + shipping.

UtahOwl (aka June Taylor), who recommended Murder City, reports that the Booklist book review said: "Just across the Rio Grande from El Paso sits Juárez, Mexico, a city so overtaken with the violence of drug trafficking that its leading citizens-police, politicians, even the drug lords-find it safer to live in El Paso. Bowden... details the forces that have led to Mexico's place in the multinational drug business. Hundreds of millions of dollars flow into Juárez each week, and the violence and corruption that follow yield 200 to 300 murders each year. Bowden laments the silence on both sides of the border that permits the slaughter that goes mostly unnoted and unreported." UtahOwl reports further that one of the most striking points Bowden makes is that Ciudad Juárez's culture of violence will not only worsen, but will inevitably spread north into the United States.

[Reading Liberally geographical note = El Paso/Ciudad Juárez are a single metropolitan area split by the Rio Grande at the point where, after travelling south to split New Mexico in half, it turns southeast to become the border between Mexico and Texas. Situated at the end of the West-Texas knife blade between New Mexico and Mexico, El Paso is closer to the Pacific Ocean than the Gulf of Mexico.]
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