Original Proposal - Religious Freedom And National Security - Mar 16th

Our focus will be "Freedom From Religion - Rights and National Security" (Oxford University Press 2009) by Amos Guiora, University of Utah Law Professor.

ACLU President (1991-2008) and current NYU Law Professor Nadine Strossen has said: "This book will provoke much debate in the legal community and far beyond. While I disagree with Amos Guiora's conclusions, I applaud his candid and compelling discussion of a challenging question that should certainly be forthrightly debated: whether legal protections for religious speech and conduct should be reduced in order to counter the threat posed by religiously motivated terrorists. Even for those of us who urge that the answer should be 'No,' Guiora's impassioned work must be reckoned with."

Please press reply to ReadingLiberally@johnkarls.com if you would like to borrow the book for a week because it is expensive ($61.20 + shipping from Amazon.com).

It is a quick read (only 125 pages) and we have six copies (two from the SL County Library, two from the U/U Law Library and two purchased by John Karls) so for everyone willing to read 18 pages/day for a week, we should be able to accommodate 24 members who don't want the expense of buying their own copies.
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