Bombing Syria 9/6/2007 Re Iran & N Korea - for Dec 13

Please see above “Is War With Iran Inevitable??? – Topic for Dec 13” for the 9/18/2007 analysis of Israel’s 9/6/2007 bombing of Syria and its connection to North Korea by the former Editor of the Jerusalem Post. The postings collected here comprise (1) the 11/11/2007 analysis by the NY Times of the Pakistani nuclear weapons with reference to the current Pakistani crisis, (2) the 9/25/2007 initial reaction of John Bolton to Israel’s 9/6/2007 bombing of Syria, and (3) the 10/31/2007 analysis of John Bolton THAT ISRAEL HAD BOMBED AN EXACT REPLICA OF NORTH KOREA’S NUCLEAR FACILITY BUILT IN SYRIA BY THE NORTH KOREANS TO CIRCUMVENT THE SIX-NATION TALKS REGARDING NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT. (John Bolton was U.S. Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control (2001-2005) and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2005-20006))
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