Reference Materials - Balanced-Budget Amendments & Redeeming National Debt With “Wallpaper” In Both Europe and the U.S. - December 14th

In addition, please refer to the "Original Proposal" two sections above, because it contains a wealth of information.

Click here for, inter alia, (A) information about what Bloomberg News discovered as a result of its Freedom-Of-Information-Act lawsuit regarding QE-1 which the Federal Reserve fought all the way to the US Supreme Court including how in 2008-2009 the Fed printed $7.7 TRillion and loaned it to banks on three continents, providing them with $13 billion in profits, (B) Fed Reserve Chair Bernanke's own explanation of QE-2, and (C) Fed Reserve Chair Bernanke's STEALTH QE-3 only 2 weeks after his Jackson Hole WY speech promising there would be no QE-3 (per Q&A-24/First Quiz calculations located in "Participant Comments" above), QE-3 comprised printing as much as $2.9 TRillion more dollars to keep Italy and Spain afloat through 12/31/2011.
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