Click here for the Suggested Discussion Outline for Prof. Diane Ravitch’s “The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education.”

After reading Prof. Ravitch’s book, isn’t it obvious that what is really needed is for former President Bill Clinton to read it also and then to pronounce with one of his inimitable smiles – “IT’S THE SOCIOLOGY, STUPID!!!”

After all, John Karls has reminded us each time we study the inner-city holocaust that Identical-Twin Studies (the Gold Standard for determining what is hereditary and what is environmental) consistently show that when inner-city identical-twins are orphaned before their first birthday and one is adopted by a suburban family while the other continues to live in the inner-city, the identical twins adopted by suburban families develop by adulthood measured IQ’s equal to average suburban measured IQ’s, while their identical twins who remain in the inner-cities develop by adulthood measured IQ’s equal to average inner-city measured IQ’s.

And then John Karls always reminds us each time we study the inner-city holocaust that when he was the volunteer treasurer for Eugene Lang’s National “I Have A Dream”® Foundation during the 1990’s when John was one of 179 people (mostly CEO’s of major corporations) who stepped forward to replicate what Gene had done at Harlem P.S. 121 by adopting an entire third-grade class in an inner-city school or an entire third-grade cohort in an inner-city public housing project, that the prevailing conditions in the 51 inner-cities in which the original 179 projects operated were –

· 99% of the “Dreamers” living in single-adult households,
· 95% of total “Dreamer” households headed by single-adults who were drug addicts,
· 75%-80% of total “Dreamer” households headed by a single-adult druggie who turned over any receipts to the pusher so the kids had to steal just in order to eat,
· 100% of the 35-40 kindergartners in the Sunday School of the Baptist Church across the street from John Karls’ first public-housing project drawing only WHITE nurses, teachers, airplane pilots, chefs, etc., when asked to draw what they wanted to be when they grew up BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNEW AT THE AGE OF FIVE THAT THEY WERE INELIGIBLE FOR THEIR DREAMS!!!
· In an environment where the pushers recruit the third graders to be runners, every child knows by third grade that their only realistic career objectives are to be a pimp or pusher, or a girl friend of a pimp or pusher.

And then John Karls always reminds us that those original 1979 IHAD programs in 51 American cities transformed the prevailing SINGLE-DIGIT High-School graduation rates to 60%-65% high-school graduation/college-matriculation rates and that, if the IHAD tutors/mentors told their female “Dreamers” for whom the pregnancy rate was 50% in the first group of IHAD projects that “You could make something of yourself with this program AND IT WOULD BREAK MY HEART IF YOU DIDN’T,” the high-school graduation/college-matriculation rates exceeded 90%.

So, as Bill Clinton would ask, why does anyone in their right mind see the prevailing SINGLE-DIGIT High-School graduation rates in America’s inner-cities as an EDUCATION problem rather than a SOCIOLOGY problem, for which significant results require tutors/mentors who become surrogate parents, coupled with a transformation of the prevailing atmosphere in a third-grade inner-city class (or third-grade cohort in a public housing project) as a result of a college-tuition guarantee as the class/cohort proceeds from third grade through high school???
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