Original Proposal – Thorium: The Green Energy Source For The Future – October 10th

Our next meeting is Wednesday evening, Oct. 10th, at the Salt Lake Public Library.

Our focus will be “Super Fuel: Thorium, the Green Energy Source for the Future” by Richard Martin ($16.87 from Amazon.com + shipping - 272 pages).

It was recommended by Cal Burgart who was our nuclear expert when we focused at our 4/13/2011 meeting on the Japanese Nuclear-Plant Disaster. Cal has a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and obtained his PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the Univ. of Tennessee at Oakridge. [For non-cognoscenti, Oak Ridge is the nation’s nuclear-science laboratory which is managed for the U.S. Dept. of Energy by the Univ. of Tenn.]

There is posted in this section the 5/4/2012 NPR interview of Richard Martin, the author of “Super Fuel,” which Cal included with his proposal.

Incidentally, as we studied for our 4/13/2011 meeting, the earth’s core is 7,000°F which is hotter than the surface of the sun because 60%-90% of the heat in the earth’s core is produced by nuclear power as thorium in the earth’s core comprises the earth’s largest nuclear reactor!!! And we remarked that no wonder that molten lava billows out of any fissure in the earth’s surface!!!
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