Original Proposal - John Brennan's Nomination To Head The CIA - Feb 6th

For February 6th (since Feb 13th is Ash Wednesday and our policy is to avoid holidays such as Yom Kippur and Valentine's Day), we will focus on the pending nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. John Brennan spent a 25-year career at the CIA during which time he embraced “enhanced interrogation techniques.” He has spent the last 4 years as President Obama’s Counter-Terrorism Chief in which capacity his primary responsibilities were to maintain President Obama’s “Kill List” and supervise the drone assassinations which have vastly increased in number under President Obama and, for the first time, included American citizens as targets.

Our suggested reading is “Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives” by Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr., head of the CIA’s Clandestine (“Dark Side”) Services following 9/11 until his retirement in January 2008 to work on this book (Hardcover 4/30/2012 by Simon & Shuster – $15.16 from Amazon.com + shipping – 261 pages)

Everyone is also encouraged to see the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” which opened in first-run movie theatres throughout Salt Lake County 1/11/2013 and which was intended by President Obama to be Hollywood’s homage to his assassination of Osama bin Laden. [It has received an Oscar “Best Picture” nomination and Jessica Chastain, who is nominated for the "Best Actress" Oscar, has already won the Golden Globe for "Best Actress."]

Indeed, the Obama Administration was accused of leaking zillions of items of classified information to the movie’s producers to facilitate the homage. However, the movie’s producers added information obtained from the C.I.A. about how Osama’s assassination would not have been possible without information obtained by “water boarding” and the Justice Department has announced an investigation of the C.I.A. to ascertain who leaked this information. [In addition, Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Diane Feinstein and Sen. John McCain have written to the CIA’s acting director demanding to know how this information was leaked.]

For movie buffs, another highly-entertaining but purely fictional movie which poses extremely well the “ticking time bomb” question whether to use water-boarding to save American lives (which, per Tim Russert when he moderated the first 2008-cycle Presidential debate at Dartmouth College on 9/28/2007, was the official policy of the Clinton Administration) is “Unthinkable” starring Samuel L. Jackson and released in 2010. Samuel L. Jackson is a “black ops” interrogator/torturer whose handlers (all the way to the White House) are “Holier Than Thou” except during frequent periods when it looks like substantial numbers of Americans might get nuked.

Please click on the title of this section to see the original proposal which included, inter alia, the CBS "60 Minutes" transcript of a 4/29/2012 interview of our author and the lengthy 5/29/2012 NY Times Article on President Obama's "Kill List."

We hope to see all of you on Wed evening Feb 6th!!!
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