Original Proposal - Who Is Ayatollah Khamenei by an Iranian Journalist/Dissident - Nov 13

Our next meeting is Wednesday evening, November 13th, at the Salt Lake Public Library (200 East 400 South).

Our focus will be Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and a 15-page article about him in Foreign Affairs Magazine.

[The text of the article is contained in the Original Proposal which is available in this section and it is also posted below in the Reference Materials section.]

When last we focused on American foreign policy, we agreed that preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is in the national interest because (1) each of the Gulf State Six (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.) will immediately go nuclear if Iran does, (2) Iran's Supreme Leader is fond of proclaiming that he wants to rule the Middle East and, for good measure, that Israel should be destroyed and Israel is only "a one bomb country" leading one to assume that he will start a nuclear holocaust in no time flat, and (3) 50% of the world's oil supplies come from the Persian Gulf OR DOWNWIND from the Persian Gulf which means that the lives of 3.5 billion of the earth's 7 billion human population would immediately no longer be sustainable (NB: virtually all of the world's fertilizers are made from petrochemicals).

The reason why the Cold War policy of Mutual Assured Destruction ("MAD") worked so well in producing a stable standoff with the Soviet Union is that all of the leaders of the Soviet Union had grown up on farms as a result of which they loved the Russian people and were not about to sacrifice them on the altar of some crazy notion.

But can the same be said of Ayatollah Khamenei???

Particularly when he says at least once a week that he wants to rule the Middle East and, for good measure, nuke Israel.

And when he is perceived as so dangerous and unstable by Turkey, Egypt and the Gulf State Six (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman) that each has announced that it will go nuclear as soon as Iran does.

[Because none of the eight countries trusts the "American Nuclear Umbrella" any more than Charles de Gaulle when he pulled France out of NATO and developed French nuclear weapons because he believed that America would never engage in nuclear war with the Soviet Union to save France.]

The author of the Foreign Affairs article is Akbar Ganji, an Iranian journalist who has been called "Iran's pre-eminent political dissident." He was imprisoned in Tehran from 2000 to 2006 following which he left Iran. He is an honorary citizen of many European cities and has been showered with many awards. His writings are banned in Iran.
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