Discussion Outline - Magnificent Delusions: Pakistan, the U.S., and An Epic History of Misunderstanding – Jan 8th

A brief, final note on Magnificent Delusions in case we ever have occasion to discuss this or any related topics again.

The attendees of our 1/8/2014 meeting were shocked and appalled over how dysfunctional American foreign policy toward Pakistan has been --

(1) Not just the basic non sequitur of why we would provide arms to Pakistan to, in our view, oppose the Soviet Union during The Cold War when over the years we saw virtually all such arms deployed immediately to the Border With India (which is the basic theme of Grand Delusions);

(2) And not just America’s CREATION AND FINANCING OF AL QAEDA CORE AND THE TALIBAN to combat the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan 1979-1989 which Grand Delusions notes that America INCORRECTLY likes to remember as “Charlie Wilson’s War” per the famous Hollywood movie starring Tom Hanks as Charlie Wilson -- INCORRECTLY per Grand Delusions because although it is true that AMERICA CREATED AND FINANCED AL QAEDA CORE AND THE TALIBAN, it did so through the Pakistani military government headed by General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq so that Al Qaeda Core and The Taliban have always been puppets of Pakistan’s ISI-military complex;

(3) And not just America’s constantly certifying that Pakistan did NOT have atomic weapons from 1985 onwards so that under American law we could continue to provide American military aid to Pakistan (our “fig leaf” was that Pakistan did not test the atomic weapons until 1998 so we could pretend they did not exist);

(4) And not just how the impact of President Bill Clinton’s wonderful 3/25/2000 speech at the Islamabad Airport that he insisted be televised live all over Pakistan as his price for helping Pakistan extricate itself from the FOURTH India-Pakistan War was immediately eradicated by the Pakistani media WHICH WAS/IS TIGHTLY CONTROLLED BY PAKISTAN’S ISI-MILITARY COMPLEX (noting that as we have studied many times in the past, democracy can NOT exist without a free press);

(5) But how badly the War on Terror was mis-managed from the outset by Secretary of State Colin Powell!!! We all remember how, immediately after 9/11, Colin Powell organized the War on Terror by famously informing each of the world’s governments that if they weren’t “for us” then they were “against us”!!! But what never appeared in the headlines was the fact that in Pakistan’s case, we were asking the ISI-military complex to throw their Al Qaeda Core and Taliban puppets “under the bus” AND WE KNEW THAT’S WHAT WE WERE ASKING!!! So when Colin Powell personally phoned the head of the Pakistani government -- General Pervez Musharraf -- (per Musharraf’s Memoires as quoted extensively in Grand Delusions at p. 311) to tell him that he “should be prepared to be bombed back into the Stone Age if he did not comply with American demands” the first reaction of Musharraf was to “war-game the United States as an adversary” which caused him to adopt, instead, the time-honored Pakistani strategy of paying “lip service” to American demands while, in this case, trying to preserve his Al Qaeda Core and Taliban puppets insofar as possible to maintain Pakistani control over Afghanistan. And we have been fighting Pakistan’s puppets ever since!!!

So what could we recommend, other than that all other Americans be as shocked and appalled as we were???
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