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Subject: Meeting Cancellation + Sabbatical
Date: Sat, April 19, 2014 3:39 am - 4:52 am MDT
Bcc: The Approximately 150 Recipients Of Our Weekly E-mail

Dear Friends,

Similarly to the first weekly e-mail in each monthly cycle since last June, last week’s e-mail began with the following section concerning our May meeting -


In accordance with our quorum-policy revision of 6/12/2013, instead of waiting until the last week before each monthly meeting to request RSVP's and canceling if we do not have our minimum quorum of six, RSVP's are requested in our first-of-the-monthly-cycle weekly e-mail.

Those who have RSVP’d will be informed immediately when we reach six so they can proceed to read the materials with assurance a discussion will take place.

If there are not six RSVP's by 11:59 pm next Friday, then next week's weekly e-mail will announce that the 5/7/2014 meeting is cancelled.

[Editorial Note: The meeting had been scheduled for 5/7/2014 because Yours Truly has to be back in NYC on 5/14/2014.]


We did not achieve our quorum. Accordingly, the meeting is cancelled.


A policy on the only two previous occasions in our 8.5-year history that we failed to achieve a quorum (May 2010 and June 2013) addressed the selection of the topic for the next-subsequent meeting which normally would have been voted upon at the now-cancelled meeting.

Rather than become stuck permanently on a topic that might never be capable of mustering a quorum, our policy both times was to proceed to the topic posted under “Possible Topics” on that had received the greatest number of “views” from website users.

That topic is “Defending Hillary’s Putin Attack & Bill’s Ukraine Guarantee” which has received 724 views at this point -- more than 10 times the number of any other proposal.

[“Defending Hillary” also received the second-highest number of votes at our April meeting when attendees voted for the topic of the May meeting.]

Accordingly, “Defending Hillary” will be the topic of the 6/11/2014 meeting -- if it takes place.

The reason for that qualification (“if it takes place”) is that Yours Truly will be taking a Sabbatical until after the 2014 mid-term elections to complete “Inner-City Holocaust and America’s ‘Apartheid’ Justice System (In Honor of Jonathan Kozol and In Memory of John Howard Griffin).”

However, if any of our regular attendees would like to facilitate “Defending Hillary” on 6/11/2014 for which we still have a conference-room reservation at the Salt Lake Public Library, or on the second Wednesday of any month in

[Continued on the face of the next section due to the software limitation on the size of the text on the face of each section.]
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