Benazir Bhutto's "Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West" - for Mar. 13

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Dec. 27 while campaigning for Prime Minister of Pakistan. She had served twice as Pakistan’s Prime Minister (1988-90 and 1993-96, being deposed both times by the military). She was the first female to head the government of any Islamic Country. Her father, Ali Bhutto, also served as Prime Minister – he was executed in 1979 by the military government that deposed him. Benazir Bhutto received her B.A. in Comparative Government from Harvard, where she was Phi Beta Kappa. She then studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics (“PP&E”) at Oxford – the typical educational background of most British Prime Ministers (except Churchill who attended Sandhurst - Britain's West Point). While there, she was elected President of the Oxford Union – the first Asian woman to head Oxford’s most prestigious debating society. DISCOVER WHY BEING THE ONLY ISLAMIC NUCLEAR POWER (AND BEING THE SOURCE OF IRANIAN AND NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY) AND BEING HOME TO AL QAIDA AND THE TALIBAN MAKE PAKISTAN'S FEBRUARY 18TH PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION AMERICA'S MOST CRUCIAL 2008 ELECTION!!!

"Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West" (Harper Collins 2008) is available at your local library or from for $17.54 + shipping.
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