Original Proposal – Killing Millions of Sesame Street Miss Piggy’s For The Human Organs – March 8

On 8/5/2016, John Karls proposed a topic entitled ““Clone Rights: Involuntary Soldiers, Sex Slaves, Human ‘Lab Rats’ Etc.” which began -

“I propose that we study today’s NIH Proposal for Human Stem Cell Research.

“This would dovetail nicely with the focus of our 4/9/2008 meeting 8 years ago entitled “Clone Rights: Involuntary Soldiers, Sex Slaves, Human ‘Lab Rats’ Etc.” for which we viewed together -

“The 2005 Hollywood movie “The Island” which starred Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, and which dealt with the creation of human clones whose organs, whenever needed by their human “sponsors” who had financed their creation, could be harvested for transplant to the “sponsor” while the clones, of course, died;

“and for which our short meeting description was -

“How would you like to be an involuntary soldier, sex slave, human "lab rat" etc. WITH NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS JUST BECAUSE (1) the stem cells from which you were created came from skin cells rather than an embryo, or (2) your DNA is only 99% of the way from chimp DNA to human DNA (or any of the chimp-human DNA combinations the Yale U Biology Dept has created and is creating)??? Re (2), how do legal classifications based on % of human DNA differ from legal classifications in the Old South based on % of African-American blood, or legal classifications in Hitler's Third Reich based on % of Jewish blood???

“There follows immediately below a description of the NIH proposal in Nature (the International Weekly Journal of Science), following which is the text of the NIH proposal itself as it appeared today in the Federal Register.”

1/29/2017 UPDATE

On 1/29/2017, John Karls updated the proposal while changing the title to “Is The Fed Gov (NIH) Funding Nazi-Style Death Camps?” for which it is respectfully suggested the correct answer is “not yet, but soon.”

The up-dating comprised 4 postings regarding the Salk Institute announcing the creation of Human-Pig Chimeras for purposes of cloning human organs for transplant to the human whose DNA had been combined with pig DNA.

[“Chimera” is an animal created from DNA of two different species.]

Salk’s Human-Pig Chimeras were aborted before birth.

Under the 8/5/2016 NIH rules, there is NO PROHIBITION against the creation of Chimeras that have cloned human organs, even if doing so requires that the Chimera has a human or near-human brain.


As can be seen from the beginning of the 1/29/2017 posting entitled “Human-Pig Chimeras - Decent Behavior Despite Open Barn Door” and the conclusion of the 1/29/2017 posting entitled “Is The Fed Gov (NIH) Funding Nazi-Style Death Camps?” - John Karls took the moral stand that he would have nothing to do with our March 8th meeting unless it focused on this topic.

To obtain the last 2 votes for a majority at our 2/8/2017 meeting, John had to agree NOT to use either the original title “Clone Rights...” or the updated title referring to “Nazi-Style Death Camps.”

The 2 holdouts suggested a title based on “chimeras.”

Fortunately, America is familiar with a fictional chimera - Sesame Street’s Miss Piggy who obviously has a human brain and presumably has human organs that are “ripe for the picking”!!!


For anyone who has not seen “The Island” (2005) starring Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor, please do so. (It can be rented from Amazon.com for $3.99.)

And even if you have seen it, it is strongly recommended that you view it again while thinking of Scarlett Johansson as a Miss Piggy chimera.

In addition, you should read all of the 7 items contained in John Karls’ topic proposal. They are reproduced in a special section below entitled “Original Proposal Reference Materials.”

And as usual, you should read everything else that any of us posts in the “Participant Comments” or regular “Reference Materials” sections.
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