Original Proposal Reference Materials – Killing Millions of Sesame Street Miss Piggy’s For The Human Organs – March 8

This section contains the 7 postings comprising the Original Proposal --

(1) 8/5/2016 -- “Clone Rights -- Involuntary Soldiers, Sex Slaves, Lab Rats, Etc. (including the text of the NIH proposed changes to the 2009 Human Stem-Cell Research Guidelines as published in the 8/6/2016 Federal Register)

(2) 8/5/2016 -- “What If Yale U’s 50% Human DNA Were All Dominant Traits???” (including the Discussion Outline for our 4/9/2008 meeting 8 years ago)

(3) 8/9/2016 -- “Marked Changes To The 2009 Human Stem-Cell Research Guidelines”

(4) 1/29/2017 -- “Human-Pig Chimeras -- Decent Behavior Despite Open Barn Door” (including 1/26/2017 Washington Post article)

(5) 1/31/2017 -- “Is the Fed Gov (NIH) Funding Nazi-Style Death Camps?” (to which it is respectfully suggested that the correct answer is “not yet, but soon”)

(6) 1/31/2017 -- “The Human-Pig Chimera Report From The Salk Institute” (ver batim text)

(7) 2/7/2017 -- “The Article in Britain’s ‘Nature’ About Rat-Mouse Chimeras” (ver batim text)

These 7 postings were viewed 609 times before being transplanted here from the "Possible Topics for Future Meetings" section of this bulletin board.
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