Participant Comments – Authoritarian Rule by Our Intelligence Services – May 10


One of Yours Truly’s character flaws is that he adores Whodunnits, especially the zillions of different TV series produced by MHz Choice set in various European cities and featuring English subtitles so that you can brush up on your foreign languages.

Second confession???

Binge watching for the first time ever!!!

The Weissensee Saga is a “Romeo and Juliet” series featuring two East German families 1980-1990, one of which is high-echelon Stasi (the East German counterpart to the Soviet Union’s KGB).

Though you wouldn’t believe the machinations and corruption as the 3 Stasi (father and 2 sons) both threaten, and cover up for, each other and the rest of their extended family, while they also both threaten, and cover up for, the two-member dissident family.

[Stasi, Sr., is the long-time lover of the dissident mother and Black-Sheep Stasi Son becomes the lover of dissident daughter without knowing about the senior relationship.]

Yours truly prides himself in being cynical (which he calls “realism”), but even he was shocked!!! Even though all of the shocking events are entirely believable!!! Especially the reactions of every ordinary citizen when suddenly confronted with evidence gathered while s/he was unexpectedly surveilled, usually vis-à-vis contact with an investigation target!!! Because, of course, s/he knows that s/he is about to be blackmailed with a long-term prison sentence unless s/he becomes a Stasi informer!!! Whether or not s/he knew anything about the objectionable activities of the target!!!

Direct TV is currently (4/28/2017) half-way through the existing 18 episodes (a fourth season is scheduled to begin soon).

But you can start at the beginning and binge-watch all 18 episodes for free!!!

In other words, do NOT order from the DVD’s for each of the first 3 seasons for $22 each.

INSTEAD, sign up for a 7-day free trial for MHz Choice on AND you can binge-watch all 18 episodes AND THEN CANCEL BEFORE the $7.99/month charge kicks in.

JSK - 4/28/2017
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