Section 7 – Addendum – National Audubon Society Executes Great Salt Lake Death Warrant

This section contains documents generated by our Great Salt Lake Working Group during the Spring of 2018 --

(1) A 3/31/2018 notice to all of our 150 members soliciting their participation in the revival of our Great Salt Lake Working Group.

(2) A 4/7/2018 e-mail to the Executive Director of the National Audubon Society’s Saline Lakes Program after she refused to meet with us but invited us to “please feel free to reach out to me with your questions.” As invited, our 4/7/2018 e-mail contained our questions. However, the Executive Director refused to answer any of them.

(3) A 4/24/2018 letter to National Audubon Society CEO David Yarnold (with a copy to the CEO General Counsel) describing all of the efforts of our Great Salt Lake Working Group 2016-2017 enclosing copies of the salient documents that were generated between 10/31/2016 and 4/5/2017. [The letter did NOT mention the behavior of the Executive Director of the Saline Lakes Program.] The stated purpose of the letter, since we had been the only organization to advocate litigation to save Great Salt Lake and the National Audubon Society had announced during the summer of 2017 that it would engage in such litigation though none had been instituted in the ensuing year, was “whether your organization would be willing to permit any donors we might solicit to make contributions directly into a special fund or restricted account that would only be used to finance the litigation.” The 4/24/2018 letter invited CEO David Yarnold and his General Counsel to breakfast or lunch at the Harvard Club of NYC on either Thursday May 10 or Friday May 11 to discuss this matter. Nothing has been heard from either CEO David Yarnold or his General Counsel.

(4) A 6/14/2018 letter to each of the Members of the Board of Directors of the National Audubon Society apprising them that CEO David Yarnold and his General Counsel refused to permit “ear marked” contributions and, as a result, John Karls was forced on Friday afternoon May 11 and Saturday morning May 12 to steer two friends, each of whom was ready to write an 8-figure check to charity, to other causes.
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