Reference Materials -- "The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics” -- June 13

Ordinarily this section includes book reviews from The Washington Post and The New York Times (and, if the topic is international, from one or more leading British newspapers; and, if the topic is financial, from one or more leading financial publications).

In its typically-imperious modus vivendi that nothing happened unless they report it, The New York Times has not published a book review of “The Great Revolt” as of the time of this writing (May 27).

Ditto the Washington Post, except that they did publish an OpEd Article by Hugh Hewitt who serves as their conservative columnist.

Accordingly, there is also posted in this section a real book review of “The Great Revolt” by The Atlantic which usually proves to be “even handed” (by Emma Green, The Assistant Managing Editor of, where she also writes about religion and culture).

[Which is NOT to say that Hugh Hewitt’s OpEd article isn’t “even handed.”]

NB: Hugh Hewitt’s OpEd article mentions a 15,000-word article by Dan Balz on the same subject as “The Great Revolt” which is available at and scrolling down to the May 10 menu option of “Loyalty, uneasy in Trump’s Midwest.”
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