Participant Comments - Great Society: A New History by Amity Shlaes - Dec 9

The face of Sec. 1 of this website entitled “General Info” closes with the following -


Due to sabotage and porn attacks, only attendees of one or more of our meetings are permitted to post on this bulletin board.

If you have attended one of our meetings and would like to register to post something, please send an E-mail to with the subject, “Please Register Me For The Bulletin Board.”


Unfortunately, this section includes a posting entitled “Dorothy Roberts Following Thomas Sowell 'Over The Cliff' !!!” which attracted derogatory ANONYMOUS emojis.

We, of course, do NOT mind postings that explain objections, so that our other members can evaluate what has been said and, if they wish, comment on what has been said.

HOWEVER, the anonymous emoji sabotage requires us to lock this section.

If anyone (EVEN IF S/HE IS NOT ONE OF OUR 189 MEMBERS, MUCH LESS AMONG THE 40 OF OUR 189 MEMBERS WHO HAVE REGISTERED TO POST COMMENTS ON THIS BULLETIN BOARD) would like to post a negative comment that explains the basis for the negativity – rather than a mere anonymous emoji – please send an e-mail to and we pledge to post any such negative comment no matter how outrageous.

[Though, of course, we do not guarantee that such a negative comment will not itself be the subject of further comment by others.]

Respectfully submitted,

John Karls
December 2, 2020
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