Participant Comments – “Cancel Culture: The Latest Attack on Free Speech and Due Process” by Prof. Alan Dershowitz – April 7

Click here for our Short Quiz entitled “Big Tech’s Attempts to Cancel Reading Liberally.”

In short, Big Tech was upset that we focused 4 times on FISA and Authoritarian Rule By Our Intelligence Services.

By doing so, Big Tech was cancelling indirectly the champions of the non-FISA solution to terrorism --

1. Tim Russert the Moderator of Meet the Press 1991-2008 and the NBC’s Washington Bureau Chief 1990-2008;

2. Tom Brokaw the Anchor and Managing Editor of the NBC Nightly News 1982-2004;

3. Graham Allison the Founding Dean of Harvard U’s Kennedy School of Government 1977-1989 and (after serving as President Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Plans 1993-1994) the Director of Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs 1995-2017;

4. U.S. Senator Sam Nunn - D-GA and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman 1987-1995;

5. U.S. Senator Richard Lugar - R-IN and Senate Foreign Relations Chairman 2003-2007;

6. Thomas Kean - Chair of The 9/11 Commission; and

7. Lee Hamilton - Co-Chair of The 9/11 Commission.
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