Resource Materials – “Predict & Surveil: Data, Discretion & the Future of Policing” by Prof. Sarah Brayne – June 9

Click here for –

(1) Science Magazine’s book review of Prof. Brayne’s “Predict and Surveil: Data, Discretion” (Oxford University Press 11/2/2020).

(2) The official text of U.S. Senator Tim Scott’s 2020 JUSTICE Act and the official section-by-section analysis of the bill.

(3) The transcript of Sen. Tim Scott’s tearful speech in the U.S. Senate following the failure of the JUSTICE Act to achieve 60 votes on 6/24/2020 so that it could be considered. The 55-45 vote was the “death knell” for any federal police-reform legislation last year.

[NB: Per Sen. Scott’s speech, he offered Democrats votes on 20 amendments to address their perceived shortcomings of the JUSTICE Act but, per the NY Times 6/24/2020 article “Senate Democrats Block GOP Police Bill Calling It Inadequate,” Democrats refused to accept the offer because any amendment would itself have needed 60 votes to pass.]

[NB: On 3/3/2021, the House of Representatives passed again their 2020 police-reform bill on a 220-212 party-line vote but, per the NY Times 3/4/2021 article “The House Passes A Policing Overhaul Bill Named For George Floyd, Whose Death Spurred Nationwide Protests,” the moving force behind the bill (Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) who has been negotiating for more than a year with Sen. Tim Scott on such legislation) said “There is tremendous good faith between Senator Scott and me” but conceded that there has been a “loss in momentum” for such legislation since last summer.]
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