Reference Materials – “1620: A Critical Response To The 1619 Project” by Peter Wood – July 14

Usually each month’s “Reference Materials” section includes, inter alia, book reviews from -

The New York Times;
The Wall Street Journal; and
The Washington Post

HOWEVER, Peter Wood’s “1620: A Critical Response To The 1619 Project,” though a significant part of the overall picture, is far from achieving a thorough understanding of why “The 1619 Project” has become such an explosive political issue in America as dozens of states have banned, or are considering banning, the teaching of “The 1619 Project” in their public schools -- after all, Peter Wood's "1620" was published last Fall.

ACCORDINGLY, a much broader understanding of the controversy is provided by the Wikipedia article “The 1619 Project” which is posted in this section.

ORDINARILY, we view Wikipedia articles as only as good as their footnotes.

NEVERTHELESS, this Wikipedia article contains an excellent collection of footnotes and appears to comprise as of this date (15 June 2021) the best-available overview of the controversy.

BTW, the “Participant Comments” for our 7/14/2021 meeting (which should appear just above this section if you scroll up) contains as its first posting (which will probably appear at the bottom of that section’s postings since the bulletin-board software always lists them in reverse-chronological order) a transcript “Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on ‘Face The Nation’ June 6” vis-à-vis her comments about The 1619 Project.

Although the transcript of her comments comprises quasi-reference materials, they were enclosed in our weekly 6/12/2021 e-mail to our 195 members to explain how John Karls was responding to queries about where he stands on “The 1619 Project” and Peter Wood’s “1620: A Critical Response To The 1619 Project.”
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