Reference Materials – President Obama’s Dept of Energy Under-Secretary for Science (Prof. Steven Koonin) on “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters” – Dec 8

Traditionally, each month’s “Reference Materials” section includes, inter alia, book reviews from –

The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
The Washington Post

The WSJ book review is posted in this section.

The Washington Post did NOT publish what they called a “book review.”

HOWEVER, to their credit, the Washington Post did publish an OpEd on “Unsettled” which is posted in this section.

AFTER ALL, a book review is nothing more than an “Opinion Editorial” by the reviewer.

The Washington Post’s OpEd author is Mitch Daniels, the President of Purdue University and a former Governor of the State of Indiana.

NB: The nickname of Purdue University is “The Boil Makers” which is a reference to its stature as one of the nation’s top engineering universities.

For non-history majors, the Industrial Revolution was unleashed 200 years ago by the steam engine which meant that it was no longer necessary to confine to areas with water power (think the classic song “Down By The Old Mill Stream” and all the people you know named “Miller”) projects requiring more than human/animal power (think railroad trains and factories vs. the pyramids built by zillions of slaves).

Steam power, of course, required BOILERS in which the steam was generated.

The New York Times has not published a book review of “Unsettled.”

[An “advanced search” on discloses they have published nothing containing “Koonin” since 4/22/2020 – which is more than 12 months BEFORE “Unsettled” was published.]

It would appear that the New York Times –

(1) is attempting to “cancel culture” Prof. Koonin’s “Unsettled,” or

(2) the New York Times couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say in response to “Unsettled.”

Full Disclosure --

In reading the previous sentence, please keep in mind that Yours Truly has “crossed swords” with the New York Times on many occasions, such as –

(1) Their refusal to address “THE ROOT CAUSE OF RACISM (VS. A MERE SYMPTOM) – AMERICA’S PERMANENT 30% UNDER-CASTE” which was the subject of a 6/8/2020 letter to the NYT Editorial Page Editor which comprised, together with its attachments, my responses to the personal request of her predecessor Editorial Page Editor for a reaction to his own Editorial on 5/11/2020 entitled “Unlocking Human Potential.”

[My letter with attachments and the original “Unlocking Human Potential” editorial are available as a downloadable Adobe.pdf file at viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1925&p=2637&hilit= ... 3ed0#p2637.]

(2) The refusal of ALL SIX of their regular OpEd Columnists ON THREE OCCASIONS 2010-2011 to “shine a light” on what was going down in my litigation against 15 of the world’s largest financial institutions for the $84 billion they owed me which I had long since pledged in legally binding fashion to benefit the education of 10 million inner-city children EVEN THOUGH EACH OF THE SIX NYT OPED COLUMNISTS KNEW THAT IF ANY ONE OF THEM LIFTED A SINGLE FINGER, 10 MILLION INNER-CITY CHILDREN MIGHT HAVE ESCAPED “A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH”!!!

The “Question Presented For Review” in the final appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court (which the Court refused to hear) was –

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