Original Proposal - The Dying Concept of Citizenship & America’s Southern Border – April 20


Since this month provides our quarterly five-week gap between meetings, I intend to use the extra time to focus equally on the second portion of “The Dying Concept of Citizenship & America’s Southern Border” in general and MODERN SLAVERY, in particular.

“America’s Southern Border” is the site of most of our illegal-drug imports BUT IT IS ALSO THE SITE OF MOST OF OUR IMPORTS OF MODERN SLAVES.

Unfortunately, the United Nations’ titled its 22-year-old “War on MODERN SLAVERY” as, instead, programs and reports on “Trafficking in Persons” which is much-too-polite to attract much attention.

When our 9/18/2019 meeting focused on the United Nation’s now-22-year-old “War on MODERN SLAVERY,” we learned many facts that should rivet everyone’s attention, including --

(1) Trafficking human slaves is more profitable for organized crime than illegal guns or illegal drugs!!!

(2) There are more slaves today than ever throughout history!!!

(3) Indeed, at least TWICE AS MANY people are CURRENTLY TRAPPED in some form of slavery as were traded throughout the 350 years of the transatlantic slave industry!!!

(4) Virtually all of the slaves come from refugee camps where they are easily enticed by the false promise of a better life!!!

(5) Indeed, the retail price of a slave delivered in the U.S. is only $5,250 as a result of which the average price of a sex act is only $27.50 which has unleashed incredible demand!!!

(6) And the average sex slave performs 3,296 sex acts per year for $90,648 of gross income which means that the net return after expenses (meals, bribery of officials, etc.) is an ANNUAL net profit of MANY TIMES the initial investment – with no workforce training!!!

(7) Of course, you can use your slave for anything you want including working in your vineyard or on your farm under whatever inhumane working conditions you like and, of course, for no remuneration other than enough calories to keep the slave alive!!!


(9) The average sex slave is dead by age 35!!!

Respectfully submitted,

HLS Classmate
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