Reference Materials - The Dying Concept of Citizenship & America’s Southern Border – April 20

This section traditionally contains each month, among other things, book reviews.

However, I prefer the book-review excerpts contained in my “Original Proposal” available at viewtopic.php?f=685&t=2178&sid=16c4fa80 ... 1ad1f89a44.

As noted on the face of this bulletin board for the section containing the “Original Proposal” (the second-preceding section), our 9/18/2019 meeting focused on the United Nations’ now-22-year-old War on MODERN SLAVERY.

Accordingly, the Reference Materials for that meeting should be incorporated herewith. They are available at viewforum.php?f=552&sid=a6138a598863d71 ... 41c476285f and include --

(1) Text of the U.S. “Victims of Trafficking & Violence Protection Act of 2000”

(2) Victims of Trafficking and Violence – Renewals & Background

(3) The U.N. 90-page 2018 Global Report on TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS

(4) The U.N. Press Release on its 2017 movie “Trafficked” --

[It played in first-run theaters and starred Ashley Judd (55 IMDb acting credits), Elisabeth Rȍhm (85 IMDb acting credits, one of which was “Law & Order Assistant D.A. Serena Southerlyn 2001-2005”), and Anne Archer (96 IMDb acting credits – one Oscar nomination & several Golden Globe wins).]

[Mses. Judd, Rȍhm and Archer donated their services.]

(5) The U.N. 126-page 2016 Global Report on TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS

(6) The UN’s Conventions/Protocols Against Human Trafficking

(7) 2017 London Guardian Article Statistics on Human Trafficking

(8) Financial Times book review on Prof. Kara’s “Sex Trafficking”

[Prof. Siddharth Kara at that time was the Director of Harvard’s “Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery.”]

(9) Stanford U. book review on Prof. Kara’s “Sex Trafficking”

In addition, the UN’s subsequently-published 176-page 2020 Biennial “Global Report on Human Trafficking” is available at ... lotip.html.

Respectfully submitted,

HLS Classmate
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