Participant Comments – “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win” by Peter Schweizer – May 18

Traditionally, each month’s “Reference Materials” section that follows immediately below, includes not only any articles, research reports, etc. that our members consider relevant, but also book reviews from –

The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
The Washington Post

An “advanced search” for “Schweizer” from 10/1/2021 to today (4/21/20220) of the websites of each of those three publications demonstrates that none of them has mentioned Schweizer during that time frame, much less published a review of “Red Handed.”

It would be fair to infer that the Peoples Republic of China has forbidden them to publish reviews.

INDEED, a Google search for “Schweizer ‘Red Handed’” disclosed that no more than 3 prominent newspapers/magazines published book reviews, adding to the inference that the PRC can “cancel” information about anything that offends it.

HOWEVER, there is posted in the following "Reference Materials" section one of those book reviews by Britain’s “The Guardian” newspaper which is owned by the Scott Trust to preserve independence.

The author of The Guardian’s book review is simply identified as Lloyd Green who, per, is --

“An attorney in New York, Lloyd Green was opposition research counsel to George HW Bush’s 1988 campaign and served in the Department of Justice from 1990 to 1992.”

Our members will recall our abhorrence of how American business commands the free use of our military for corporate purposes.

And how President George HW Bush (1989-1993) launched “Gulf War I” against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq ON BEHALF OF AMERICA’S GULF OIL COMPANY whose crown jewel Kuwait had been suddenly invaded/annexed by Saddam.

To fight Saddam, Bush’s invasion of Iraq was staged principally from Saudi Arabia.

Bush’s stationing American troops in Saudi provoked Osama bin Laden to issue a fatwā (which is STILL a religious duty of every member of Al Qaeda and its off-shoots such as ISIS) TO NUKE 10 MILLION AMERICANS.

How to cope with Osama’s fatwā was the subject of a book by Graham Allison, the Founding Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government – “Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe” (Times Books 8/9/2004).

Graham Allison’s solution of keeping track of the world’s fissile material the way we used to keep track of gold at Fort Knox was rejected by Congress in favor of FISA Sec. 702’s empowerment of our intelligence services to spy on Americans WITHOUT A WARRANT so long as either the Attorney General or DNI labels it a “national emergency.”

HOWEVER, before the Congressional rejection, Dean Allison’s approach was championed by Tim Russert’s Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw, Sam Nunn (D-GA & long-time chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee), Richard Lugar (R-IN & long-time chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) and Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton (Chair & Vice-Chair of the 9/11 Commission).

[Please see the 5/29/2009 transcript of Meet the Press at viewtopic.php?f=25&t=166&p=212&hilit=al ... f7355#p212.]

[NB: This commentary has to be continued in the following section due to the size-limitation on commentary imposed by our website software.]
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