Reference Materials – “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win” by Peter Schweizer – May 18

Continuation of commentary from the preceding section --

CAVEAT – In all fairness to Pres. George HW Bush, Saudi Arabia has been the “king pin” of OPEC since it began to flex its muscles 1973-4 because Saudi was the only OPEC member able to “shut in” enough production to make OPEC prices stick – and if Pres. Bush had permitted Saddam to invade/annex Kuwait, Saddam might have reached for the proverbial Brass Ring – Saudi Arabia.

To avoid being caught between Saddam’s imperialism and the future fatwās of an as-yet-obscure Osama bin Laden, it would have been necessary to launch Gulf War I from areas other than Saudi.

BTW, Yours Truly apologizes for “running off at the mouth” but it does bring back memories of how he was Senior Tax Counsel of Texaco 1974-1987 when it was still a Fortune-Ten company and how following several Aramco meetings during Aramco’s 8-year takeover by Saudi Arabia, he would take the world’s largest airlines (Aramco’s), since it was free to the Aramco shareholders (Texaco, Exxon, Chevron & Mobil), to Safaniya on the Kuwaiti border to watch the Iran-Iraq War explosions on the night horizon from 80 miles away.
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