CALL TO ACTION - Separate BUT UNEQUAL Public Schools

Please click here to see how you can participate in solving the problem of the permanent American under-class created and perpetuated by separate BUT UNEQUAL inner-city public schools.

As of January 21, it may no longer be possible to send the original e-mail contained in this section to President Obama. He has transformed into a single window announcing that the transition is over and providing a button for the user to transfer to, which has been transformed with the departure of former President Bush.

Although the transformed provides a new suggestion box, IT NOW CONTAINS A LIMITATION OF 500 CHARACTERS (INCLUDING SPACES!!!)!!! Neither his old Senatorial suggestion box nor his President-Elect transition suggestion box had contained any limitation.

The message in our e-mail of last Saturday for sending to President Obama with respect to Separate BUT UNEQUAL Public Schools is 1,633 characters (including spaces), and our e-mail following our November meeting for sending to President Obama to encourage him to embrace Al Gore's Challenge to America to re-power our electrical grid to be based solely on solar and wind was 1,251 characters (including spaces).

The following protest (containing 489 characters including spaces) was filed on President Obama's new web site at 11:05 pm MST on January 21:

Dear Mr. President:

Our Reading Liberally/Salt Lake organization would like TO PROTEST your new limitation of 500 characters for messages to you!

We frequently encourage all of our members to contact you (and to contact all of their friends in an unending chain to contact you) with regard to issues we are studying (please see for further info).

We suggest a limit of 500 WORDS would be more reasonable.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

John K.

No auto-reply e-mail receipt (similar to the auto-reply e-mail receipts for the, an example of which is contained in the first item in this section of the bulletin board) has been received for the protest message even though it is only 489 characters long including spaces.

So we ran two tests.

(1) The original 1,561-character message was sent on January 22nd to by “cutting and pasting” the message into the “suggestion box” – it took all 1,561 characters but with no e-mail receipt, it is not certain the entire message (or indeed any part of it) went through.

(2) The original 1,561-character message was typed de novo (vs. “cutting and pasting”) into the “suggestion box” – which kept a “running count” of the characters (including spaces) AND DISABLED THE KEYBOARD AFTER 500 CHARACTERS!!!

It is presumed that as soon as the White House staff discovers that “cutting and pasting” finesses their 500-character limitation (assuming the “cut and paste” test even went through on Jan 22nd), they will change their computer program to reject “cut and paste” messages exceeding the limit.

Accordingly, “solutions” has watered down our original e-mail message to President Obama (it is contained in the second item, time-wise, in this section) to comply with the 500 character limitation.
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