Revised Text – Official E-mail to President Obama Campaign

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Revised Text – Official E-mail to President Obama Campaign

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---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Two Short Quizzes – "No Ordinary Time" and Franklin Roosevelt's Economic B ill of Rights + Reminder of Unofficial Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign Re the Fraud that is the Chevrolet Volt
Date: Fri, November 27, 2009 8:53 pm
Bcc: Reading Liberally E-mail List of 150

Dear Friends,

(Info about December meeting omitted.)

Reminder of Unofficial Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign Re the
Fraud That Is the Chevrolet Volt

At our meeting of November 18th, we did not reach unanimity which would
have made official the Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign.

However, there has been considerable “subsequent discussion” among the
meeting’s participants that was posted on our bulletin board = so that everyone else could join in.
Indeed, the last post was by “solutions” who happens to be my daughter who
works in Silicon Valley and graduated from MIT in 2005 with a double
degree in Electrical Engineering and Economics -- her post seems to me to
be the only time she has ever agreed with me on anything.

It would appear that the “smoke has cleared” and, with the
addition to last week’s e-mail to President Obama (a copy of which appears
below) of two additional paragraphs (the 7th starting “Even if” and the
8th starting “Moreover”), there is now a consensus regarding the e-mail I personally
sent to President Obama a week ago and recommended that any like-minded
among you do the same.

Since there is now a consensus, it is requested that all of you send the
following revised e-mail to President Obama by pasting it into -- and that you request all of your
friends and acquaintances to do the same in an unending chain.

President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President:

Since you seem to be working 24/7 on an incredible array of different
issues, it may have escaped your notice that the U.S. Government's General
Motors subsidiary has been advertising 230 miles/gallon of gasoline for
its new electric car, the Chevrolet Volt.

Indeed it will not even use any gasoline if it is driven less than 40
miles/day and re-charged each night after use.

Nevertheless, it appears to be an environmental disaster!!!

As you may be aware, all new electric-generation plants constructed in the
U.S. during the last 30 years have used hydrocarbons as fuel (typically
coal, but also some natural gas, fuel oil, etc.).

Since 75% of the energy content of the original fuel is expended in
converting it to electricity, using an electric motor produces 400% more
greenhouse gases than a gasoline motor possessing the same power.

And generating electricity with a coal-fired electric plant typically
produces 700% as much sulfuric acid which causes "acid rain" as is emitted
by a gasoline engine possessing the same amount of power as that

Even if there is taken into consideration the fact that electric motors
are more efficient than gasoline engines, the picture doesn’t change
significantly. Even when the Chevrolet Volt is restricted to its
“specialty” of city driving within the 40-mile range of its batteries, it
is barely competitive “all in” (including the generation of its
electricity) with the AVERAGE American automobile regarding greenhouse
gases and creates 175% as much sulfuric acid (think “acid rain”).

Moreover, the efficiency of electric motors cannot be increased
significantly while NON-“PLUG IN” hybrids such as the Toyota Prius convert
ON BOARD much of the waste heat of the gasoline engine to electricity with
which to propel the vehicle. When compared to the Toyota Prius, the
Chevrolet Volt “all in” (including the generation of its electricity)
creates 250% as much greenhouse gases as the Toyota Prius and 450% as much
sulfuric acid (think “acid rain”).

Accordingly, it is respectfully suggested that all "plug in" electric
vehicles (vs. hybrids which do not "plug in") be outlawed until 100% of
the nation's electric utilities burning hydrocarbons (coal, natural gas,
fuel oil, etc.) are replaced by electricity generated from clean sources
(wind, solar, nuclear, etc.)

Thank you for your consideration. And thank you also for all of the
efforts of you and your team on behalf of the nation.

We hope to see and hear all of you on WEDNESDAY, December 9th!!!

Your friend,

John K.

PS - To un-subscribe, please press "reply" and type "deletion requested."

PPS - Our sister organization, Drinking Liberally, usually meets 1-2 times
a month on Friday evenings for socializing with like-minded individuals
from 6:30 pm > 9:30 pm at Piper Down (1492 South State Street).

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