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Suggested Discussion Outline

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A. What the Arizona law does:

A-1. Denies to illegal aliens (1) federal benefits administered by state or local governments (e.g., Medicaid), and (2) state & local benefits (e.g., K-12 public education)

A-2. Requires people to carry and produce documentation verifying legal status.

A-3. Allows police to detain/arrest anyone who does not have proper documentation.

A-4. Allows police to question anyone they think may be in the country illegally - though simultaneously with signing the new law, Ariz. Gov. Janice Brewer signed an Executive Order requiring state and local law enforcement officers to undergo training on "racial profiling" restrictions that are more stringent than the U.S. Department of Justice rules for federal law enforcement officers.

B. Pew Research Poll Of American Public Opinion May 6-9

B-1. Denying governmental benefits -- Pew did not poll on this issue because, like the rest of the media, they apparently did not realize that this was a feature of the new law.

B-2. Requiring carrying/production of documents = 73% overall approval (86% Republicans, 73% Independents, 65% Democrats)

B-3. Detention/arrest = 67% overall approval (81% Republican, 69% Independents, 55% Democrats)

B-4. Racial profiling (Pew apparently was unaware of the Ariz. Executive Order) = 62% approval (79% Republicans, 64% Independents, 50% Democrats)

C. Current federal immigration law enacted in 1986 but never enforced

C-1. American employers prohibited from hiring anyone without a U.S. passport or a "Green Card" (a picture ID issued by the Immigration Service to aliens who have legal permission to work in the U.S.) -- or BOTH a social security card AND a picture ID card approved by the U.S. Attorney General as proof of possession of a U.S. Passport or a "Green Card"

C-2. Criminal penalties on American employers for hiring illegal aliens --

C-2-a. First offense = $200 to $2,000 per illegal alien.

C-2-b. Subsequent offenses = up to $10,000 per illegal alien and 6 months in jail.

C-3. Criminal penalties for failure to enforce the law requiring records of U.S. Passports or "Green Cards" --

C-3-a. Up to 5 years imprisonment.

C-3-b. Up to 10 years imprisonment for coyotes, employers or conspirators (such as church groups whose members agree to shelter illegal immigrants or police forces, such as Salt Lake City's, that are subject to "sanctuary city" ordinances)

D. Moral (vs. legal) issues

D-1. Should employers have to pay aliens at least the federal minimum wage (or the state minimum in the 19 states that have a higher minimum)?

D-2. Do American employers of illegal aliens have de facto slaves because the illegal aliens are willing to tolerate almost anything to avoid discovery of their status by others?

D-3. Do American employers of illegal aliens have de facto slaves because even if they pay them "on the books," they can deduct from the minimum wage exorbitant amounts for housing and on-site lunches, leaving virtually nothing.

D-4. So long as there is unemployment in America, should aliens be excluded from working in the U.S., forcing wages for jobs they traditionally fill to rise to the level that would attract American workers? In other words, do we have a greater obligation to our own poor than the poor of other countries such as Mexico?

D-5. If an economic activity (for example, California agriculture) would go bankrupt at the level of wages required to attract American workers, should contract-labor firms (similar to "office temp" firms) be permitted to bring in foreign workers at prices that would make the economic activity viable? What if the foreign workers are being paid virtually nothing? What if the foreign workers are in fact slaves in every sense of the word?

E. Possible Actions That We Could Take

E-1. Six-degrees-of-separation campaign for federal legislation requiring all illegal aliens be provided with all federal/state/local benefits (including Medicaid and K-12 public education) that are accorded citizens -- with leeway or even encouragement for states and localities to impose a special tax/fine/whatever on employers of illegal aliens to cover the cost of the programs (in this regard, please see Q&A 13 of the Second Quiz calculating that there would be ZERO federal income tax withholding and ZERO California income tax withholding for a foreign worker earning the minimum wage for 2,000 hours ($16,000 at California’s $8.00/hour minimum) and charged $8,000 for on-site housing and lunches EVEN IF S/HE HAS NO OTHER DEPENDENTS).

E-2. File a lawsuit for a Writ of Mandamus ordering President Obama to enforce the 1986 federal immigration law so long as there is unemployment in the U.S. (and, as a by-product, to eliminate any de facto slavery suffered by illegal aliens).

E-3. Six-degrees-of-separation campaign for federal re-negotiation of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade to permit tariffs on goods from foreign countries that are made with child labor, slave labor, etc.? (Should this even be broadened to satisfy the demands of American labor unions to "even the playing field" with regard to goods produced in countries that have less stringent environmental laws?)

E-4. Other?

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