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Suggested Discussion Outline

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"The Broken Branch: How Congress Is Failing America and How To Get It Back" by Thomas E. Mann & Norman J. Ornstein.

A. Mann & Ornstein’s Criticisms

A-1. Filibusters
A-2. Ear marks
A-3. Holds
A-4. Closed rules
A-5. Self-executing rules
A-6. Others

B. Campaign Contributions -

For our Feb. 2008 meeting 30 months ago, we focused on (1) "The Squandering of America" by Robert Kuttner, long-time columnist for Business Week, and (2) "Homo Politicus" by Dana Milbank, long-time columnist for the Washington Post - both of whom dedicated their books to the thesis that "campaign contributions" dictate everything that happens in Washington and that "campaign contributions" are just as likely to comprise extortion by our politicians as bribery of them.

C. Other Criticisms?

D. Solutions?

(Intentionally left blank to avoid providing a proverbial “box” for “thinking inside”!!!)

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