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Suggested Discussion Outline

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Introductory Editorial Notes --

(1) Osama bin Laden's fatwa to nuke 10 million Americans is real: (A) The Founding Dean of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government wrote an entire book on how to cope with ObL's fatwa though his proposal to control nuclear material as carefully as gold reserves is unrealistic because "the horse is already out of the barn," (B) the consensus of experts has long since been that at least 1-2 American cities would be destroyed by this time as a result of the fatwa, and (C) during the 2008 Presidential primary campaign, Candidate and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Joe Biden proposed coping with ObL's fatwa by announcing that we would annihilate with nuclear weapons the source country of the nuclear material used by the terrorists to destroy any of our cities.

(2) The World War II Holocaust in which 6 million European Jews were killed was readily accepted by Europe's Roman Catholics because of the Doctrine of "Blood Guilt" (all Jews including those currently living, are responsible for the death of Christ). Pope Benedict XVI is coming out with a new book (details posted on our bulletin board = arguing that Jews currently living are NOT responsible for the death of Christ (causing Jay Leno to quip in his monologue Thursday evening "Not A Moment Too Soon") and noting (Pope Benedict, that is) that the Roman Catholic Church finally renounced its Doctrine of Blood Guilt in 1965 -- twenty years after the end of World War II!!!


A. Examples Of Religious Activity That Was/Is/Should Be/Should Have Been Criminal

A-1. Roman Catholicism

A-1-a. Crusades.
A-1-b. Spanish Inquisition.
A-1-c. World War II Holocaust Killing 6 Million Jews

A-2. Islam

A-2-a. Honor killings of women on Dutch soil.
A-2-b. Death threats against President Obama (many times the volume for other Presidents) because, under Islamic Law, he is an apostate -- under Islamic Law you are a Muslim if your father was a Muslim, so if you do not adhere to Islam, then it is the obligation of every good Muslim to assassinate you.
A-2-c. Ayathollah Khamenei's fatwa to kill Salmon Rushdie (author of "The Satanic Verses")
A-2-d. Osama bin Laden's fatwa to kill 10 million Americans with atomic bombs

A-3. Protestant Christianity

A-3-a. Ku Klux Klan (which, around the country, comprised the most prestigious Protestant congregations in each community)
A-3-b. Human Sacrifice By "Faith Healing" Christian Sects - 30 states have enacted laws barring prosecution of parents "reckless homicide" when they permit their children to die from lack of medical care
A-3-c. The Presbyterian Religion whose National Office publishes blatantly Anti-Semitic literature which is riddled with bald-faced lies and which was used last year in Adult Ed classes in SLC
A-3-d. The Fundamental Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) Church's practices of polygamy and forced marriage of under-age girls

A-4. Individual Actions

A-4-a. Jamestown.
A-4-b. Son of Sam.
A-4-c. Israeli Rabbis who pronounced Pulsa Denura curses on both Prime Minister Rabin and Prime Minister Sharon for implementing the Oslo Peace Accords - leading to the assassination of Rabin and contributing to the stroke/coma of Sharon

B. Examples Of Religious Practices Banned By The U.S. Supreme Court Despite The Constitutional Freedom Of Religion

B-1. Polygamy by Mormons - Reynolds vs. U.S. (1879)

B-2. Refusal by Jehovah's Witnesses children to salute the American flag - West Virginia State Board of Education vs. Barnette (1943) and Minersville School District vs. Gobitis (1940)

B-3. Refusal of Amish children to attend school - Wisconsin vs. Yoder (1972)

B-4. Refusal of male students to take R.O.T.C. - Hamilton vs. Regents of the University of California (1934)

B-5. Refusal to obtain a parade permit - Cox vs. New Hampshire (1943)

B-6. Violating child-labor laws by Jehovah's Witnesses in requiring their children to distribute religious literature - Prince vs. Massachusetts (1944)

C. The U.S. Supreme Court's Test For Determining Whether Speech (Religious or Secular) Is Constitutionally Protected (Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969))

Speech can be limited only if:

1. It promotes imminent harm, AND
2. There is a high likelihood that the speech will result in listeners participating in illegal action, AND
3. The speaker intended to cause such illegality.

D. Our author's proposals ("Freedom From Religion" p. 40) -

D-1. Any religious speech that promotes hatred of, or violence to, others should be banned (i.e., delete requirements 2 & 3 and delete "imminent" from No. 1), OR

D-2. Lower the bar in No. 2 whenever the speaker is a figure of religious authority, since listeners are more likely to perform illegal acts if they think it is the will of their deity, OR

D-3. Lower the application of the three tests from what the lay-person might view as "beyond a reasonable doubt" to "more likely than not."

E. Non-Judicial Possibilities

E-1. Infiltrate the congregations of all suspected religious-extremist clerics to ascertain whether they are preaching hatred

E-2. Importune impressionable congregants of religious-extremist clerics who preach hatred to ascertain whether they will commit illegal acts -- in other words, forego criminal convictions in order to protect society

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