The Do-It-Yourself Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign

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The Do-It-Yourself Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign

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Dear Reading-Liberally Members,

The following e-mail was sent by "yours truly" to President Obama. It should be self-explanatory.

However, as described in this week's e-mail to RL members, our official Six-Degrees-Of-Separation e-mail campaigns require unanimity or, at most, one dissent (in which case we report that we reached a consensus) -- and at our June 15th meeting there were two dissents to making official the following e-mail to President Obama.

Nevertheless, as also described in this week's e-mail to RL members, everyone has a constitutional "freedom of speech" and, accordingly, can send the following e-mail in their own Do-It-Yourself Six-Degrees-of-Separation E-mail campaigns.

If you agree with the contents of the e-mail sent by “yours truly” to President Obama and would like to launch your own six-degrees-of-separation e-mail campaign based on it, then --

(A) scroll down on this Reading Liberally bulletin board approximately six sections to the one entitled “SIX-DEGREES-OF-SEPARATION-E-MAIL-CAMPAIGNS = Taxing-Corporate-Profits-From-Exporting-American-Jobs + Benefitting-American-Taxpayers-For-The-Scientific-Discoveries-Of-Basic-Research-They-Have-Financed - ONLY-5-MINUTES-REQUIRED-TO-PARTICIPATE”

(B) after clicking on it, select the second topic entitled “Taxing The Profits From Exporting American Jobs” and then “cut and paste” the entire topic into a new Microsoft Word document (or whatever other word-processing software you use)

(C) then substitute the following e-mail to President Obama for the one contained in your new word-processing document
(D) copy the first line of the following e-mail in order to substitute it for the middle of the subject of the e-mail you are sending to your friends and acquaintances -- and then proceed as instructed in “Taxing The Profits From Exporting American Jobs.”

Thank you for your consideration.

Your friend,

John K.


President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President:

Re: Insuring The Survival Of The Democratic Party Following A Nuclear Attack On The U.S. By Terrorists

You are undoubtedly aware of Osama bin Laden's famous fatwa to kill 10 million Americans with nuclear weapons (the number of Arabs he calculated had been killed by the U.S. and its allies) because, e.g., (A) the Founding Dean of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government wrote a book on how to deal with the fatwa by controlling nuclear material, (B) Dean Allison's approach has often been criticized as wishful thinking because, e.g., the old Soviet Union's missing 178 suitcase-size nuclear weapons contained a considerable amount of recycle-able nuclear material and have long since been universally agreed by experts to be in the hands of terrorists, and (3) Vice President Biden, as Senate Foreign Relations Chair, wrote an OpEd article on 6/4/2007 stating that all nuclear material has "DNA" indicating where it was produced and the U.S. should announce that if it is ever subject to a nuclear attack by terrorists, it will annihilate with nuclear weapons the country of origin of the nuclear material used.

You are probably also aware that now that Osama is dead, his fatwa cannot be revoked. This was illustrated by the fatwa to assassinate Salmon Rushdie issued by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini on 2/14/1989, provoking the U.K. to break diplomatic relations with Iran on 3/7/1989 since Rushdie was a U.K. resident. The U.K. resumed relations on 9/24/1998 when the Iranians successfully made the case that under Islamic Law, a fatwa can be revoked only by the cleric who issued it and Ayatollah Khomeini had died in 1989 shortly after issuing the fatwa. Moreover, current Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei re-affirmed to Muslims on the occasion of their 2005 Holy Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, that Ayatollah Kohmeini's fatwa remained in full force and effect because Ayatollah Khomeini died without revoking it.

Accordingly, I would strongly urge you to stick with your proposed $400 billion cut over 12 years from the Defense Department Budget -- and let the Tea-Party Republicans take the lead in making deeper cuts to intelligence and defense -- because the United States could survive the nuking of 10 million of its citizens (which, in crass terms, is only 3% of the population) but the Democratic Party could not survive if it has taken the lead on these issues.

Thank you for your consideration.

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