"Can The Middle Class Be Saved?"

Participants at our Sep 2011 meeting voted for Tom Chancellor's proposal = "Can The Middle Class Be Saved?" as the focus for our October meeting -- an article which appeared in the current (Sep 2011) issue of The Atlantic AND WHICH IS POSTED IN THE “REFERENCE MATERIALS” SECTION WHICH IS THE SECOND SECTION BELOW.

Tom's proposal noted that there are quite a few remedies being proposed in the media and requests everyone to "keep her/his eyes open" and to come prepared for a good discussion on Oct 12.

It would also help the cause considerably if everyone could post in the “Reference Materials” section below every good idea s/he encounters in the media and post in the “Participant Comments” section immediately following each of her/his own good ideas -- in order to spark the thinking of everyone else before our meeting.
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"Can The Middle Class Be Saved?"

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[Originally proposed by Tom Chancellor - Sun Sep 11 - 12 views before being transplanted here.]

I propose we focus on "Can The Middle Class Be Saved?" -- an article by Don Peck in the Sep. 2011 issue of The Atlantic.

The idea is that the topic proposed would be a general discussion of the future of the middle class in the U.S. and what can be done to sustain it. There is much material currently available in newspapers, magazines and on the web regarding the fate of the U.S. middle class. In preparation for the meeting (if this topic is selected), each person should sample this additional material and be prepared to present the points found most persuasive.

Tom Chancellor

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Re: "Can The Middle Class Be Saved?"

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[Originally posted by Utah Owl on Wed Sep 14, 2011 at 6:12 pm]

I would vote for this, if I make the meeting (which depends on whether my sciatica permits me to stand up and walk!). I have read the article, and I think the discussion proposed, where each of us brings material we have found apropos and valuable, would be wonderful to have. This is a critical question, and I'm interested in understanding how to bring it, and the possible answers to it, into public awareness.

June Taylor

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