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Suggested Discussion Outline

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A. Features of life in North Korea, for example --

A-1. State propaganda and control of information
A-2. State control of equipment (e.g. radios) to obtain information
A-3. State dictation of marriage
A-4. State dictation of job
A-5. Thought control and enforcement thereof
A-6. Absence of rights/liberties
A-7. North Korean Gulags
A-8. Etc.

B. The U.S. 2-29-2012 agreement to give North Korea $529 million of food in exchange for North Korea’s not enriching uranium at its Yongbyon nuclear facility even though all of North Korea’s nuclear bombs use solely enriched plutonium. [Details concerning the agreement are posted on below in the "Reference Materials" section.]

C. North Korean dependency on China for food and fuel.

D. Should we care about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities?

D-1. Military threat to Japan and South Korea
D-2. Exporting nuclear materials and know-how to terrorists

E. Is there anything that can be done?

E-1. The existing policy of relying on intelligence to intercept exports of nuclear materials and know how
E-2. How long this policy can succeed 100% of the time
E-3. Other?

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