frank partnoy's essay in NYT Sunday

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frank partnoy's essay in NYT Sunday

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It was called "Beyond The Blink" and opened with the news debacle mis-reporting the SCOTUS decision on the healthcare act (Classic System1)...and then went on to give good advice on how to activate System 2:
The blink response to this case is only the latest example of a troubling increase in the speed of our reactions. E-mail, social media and the 24-hour news cycle are informational amphetamines, a cocktail of pills that we pop at an increasingly fast pace — and that lead us to make mistaken split-second decisions. Economists label the problem “present bias”: we are vulnerable to fast, salient stimulation.

Fortunately, there is an antidote: the conscious pause. Scientists have found that although we are prone to snap overreactions, if we take a moment and think about how we are likely to react, we can reduce or even eliminate the negative effects of our quick, hard-wired responses.
...just another example of "knee-jerk reflexes" & what we can do about them.

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