Suggested Answers to Second Short Quiz

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Suggested Answers to Second Short Quiz

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Question 1

Is Prof. Stiglitz (our author) an intentional racist or an inadvertent racist?

Answer 1

Please see Q&A-12 after reading each of the following Q&A’s.

Question 2

Are Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis (who star together in “Won’t Back Down” currently playing in first-run movie theaters) good examples of inadvertent racists?

Answer 2

Yes -- please see Q&A-4 and Q&A-12.

Question 3

Who is Jonathan Kozol?

Answer 3

Jonathan Kozol is an American educator and award-winning author whose books over the last half century have tried to convince America that it has created a permanent “untouchable” under-caste as a result of its racism. For example --

1. The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America (2005);
2. Ordinary Resurrections: Children in the Years of Hope (2001);
3. Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation (1995);
4. Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools (1991);
5. Rachel and Her Children (1988);
6. Illiterate America (1985);
7. The Night is Dark and I Am Far From Home: Political Indictment of US Public Schools (1975); and
8. Death at an Early Age (1967).

Question 4

Is Jonathan Kozol, American educator and award-winning author for his many books on inner-city education (or lack thereof) over the last 50 years, correct that America has an Apartheid Society equivalent to that of the old South Africa?

Answer 4

Unfortunately but unequivocally YES. And as we concluded unanimously at our 9/12/2012 meeting --

1. Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation, have led the nation away from The Promised Land of tutors and mentors for each inner-city child as s/he progresses from Kindergarten through H.S. graduation with a guarantee of college tuition, to worship for 10 years the "false idol" of breaking up inner-city schools into smaller units and, after admitting that failure, of leading the nation to worship the "false idol" of school choice,

2. Recent comprehensive studies by the Brookings Institution and by Stanford University show that charter schools are no better than public schools even though the charter schools typically accept only children of functional parents and then expel anyone who isn't performing,

3. "School Choice" is treating a SOCIOLOGY problem as an EDUCATION problem and makes no more sense than closing a police precinct in whose jurisdiction a crime is committed and hiring amateurs in their place; and

4. The reckless behavior of Bill and Melinda Gates are "Crimes Against Humanity" as defined in the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court at The Hague, and the Gates should be prosecuted there.

Question 5

Are the facts that 1/6 of all Americans live below the poverty line and that the U.S. government has constantly reported for the last 50 years that 30% of Americans are illiterate in terms of being unable to even read the warning label on a can of rat poison, some of the tell-tale signs that America has created a Permanent Under-Caste?

Answer 5


Question 6

Is another tell-tale sign of America’s Permanent Under-Caste the fact that America always ranks at the bottom of the list of developed countries in terms of health measurements (average life expectancy, infant mortality, etc.) and education measurements (test scores, high school graduation rates, percentage of college graduates, etc.)? That America would probably rank at the top of such lists if its Permanent Under-Caste were excluded from the statistics?

Answer 6

Yes. Yes.

Question 7

Are Prof. Sitglitz and his 1%-vs.-99% concept a fraud for purporting to represent the Permanent Under-Caste as part of the 99%?

Answer 7


Question 8

In other words, isn’t Prof. Stiglitz “looking through the wrong end of the telescope” by focusing on the 1% when any decent human being would be focusing on America’s Permanent Under-Caste and what can be done about it?

Answer 8


Question 9

Does Prof. Sitglitz not only fail to focus on a major part of the 99% he claims to represent, but he doesn’t even seem to be aware in his chapter on the American judiciary and the “rule of law” how badly it treats America’s Permanent Under-Caste?

Answer 9

The only negative observation offered by Prof. Stiglitz was that some states and localities provide for the popular election of judges but otherwise, he appears to think America’s Permanent Under-Caste does not suffer under America’s judicial system.

When Yours Truly served as Senior Tax Counsel and Director of Worldwide Tax Planning for Texaco Inc. 1974-1987 when Texaco was a Fortune-Ten company, through 1994-1996 when Yours Truly chaired the International Tax Committee of the American Bar Association comprising the nation’s top 300 international tax attorney’s with 22 working sub-committees, the U.S. judiciary was widely recognized to be the most corrupt in the world.


Because virtually every American judge, no matter the level or jurisdiction, will bend the law (or break it if necessary as discussed in Q&A-11 below) in favor of law firms containing senior partners who treat the judge as the center of attention at the local country club.

[Most third-world countries, on the other hand, are interested in providing judicial fairness in order to attract international investment.]

God forbid that a member of America’s Permanent Under-Caste should ever be so naïve as to hope for “justice” in a judicial system in which s/he cannot afford legal counsel, much less legal counsel that “owns” the presiding judge by virtue of social ties at the local country club.

Question 10

Who was John Howard Griffin?

Answer 10

John Howard Griffin (1920-1980) was a famous American journalist whose block-buster best-selling book “Black Like Me” described his experiences when he darkened his skin in order to pass for an African-American as he journeyed through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia in 1959.

“Inner-City Holocaust and America’s ‘Apartheid’ Justice System” (chronicling the refusal of the American judiciary system to provide 10 million American inner-city children with the same legal rights as first-class American citizens – please see Q&A-11) was written in memory of John Howard Griffin.

[It was also written in honor of Jonathan Kozol – please see Q&A-3 and Q&A-4.]

Question 11

What was the Question Presented for Review in U.S. Supreme Court Petition for Writ of Certiorari (request to accept an appeal) in Karls vs. Bank of New York, et. al., which was denied by the Supreme Court on 10/4/2011? [Hint = the answer appears in the ninth paragraph of the fourth section of this Bulletin Board.]

Answer 11

As set forth in the fourth section of this Bulletin Board, the Question Presented for Review in the U.S. Supreme Court Petition for Writ of Certiorari was --

“Can state court judges order their decisions which they know are diametrically-opposed to well-settled law, not to be published or cited (a strategy labeled ‘the segregated toilet’ in correspondence with 51 inner-city clergy who represent the 10 million inner-city children who have been disclosed from the outset as the ‘real parties at interest’ in this law suit) in order to flush away the rights of the 10 million inner-city children without disturbing the rights of first-class American citizens -- without violating the ‘Equal Protection of the Law’ requirement of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?”

Question 12

Is the racism of Prof. Stiglitz, whether intentional or inadvertent, and the inadvertent racism of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis in “Won’t Back Down,” the result of the efforts of Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation to promote "school choice" and thereby give permission to mainstream America to blame its inner-city residents themselves for being members of the Permanent Under-Caste, RATHER THAN DOING THE HEAVY LIFTING THAT WOULD BE REQUIRED TO ACTUALLY SOLVE THE PROBLEM, THEREBY CONDEMNING ANOTHER GENERATION OF INNER-CITY CHILDREN TO A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH???

Answer 12

Probably. And may God forgive all of them. Though none of them deserves it!!!

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