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Re: Vietnam All Over Again - July 10th

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Editorial Notes =

The referenced subject was the title of the 6/29/2013 newsletter to our approximately 150 members. The reference to “Vietnam All Over Again” relates solely to the issue/question of whether our tactics create more “enemies” than we kill -- whether in Vietnam half a century ago or in the Muslim world of today with our drone attacks.

The second e-mail refers to Denise Chancellor’s retirement -- she had been a Utah Assistant Attorney General. The first e-mail refers to Nancy Kemp and Lori Noda, both of whom are still Utah Assistant Attorneys General. [For the curious, Thomas Chancellor is a retired U/U Law School Professor.]

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Subject: Re: Vietnam All Over Again - July 10th
Date: Sun, June 30, 2013 7:29 am
To: Thomas Chancellor; Denise Chancellor

Dear Thomas and Denise,

I hope all is well with you.

[Discussion of other matters deleted.]

You may not be aware how many meetings you have missed recently and I am not certain of why you have been missing them (except that both Nancy and Lori volunteered at both the April and May meetings that you were out of town -- Spain, if memory serves).

If you are free on July 10th, I hope you will attend. Especially because I’m very curious about where you would come down on U.S. drone policy. After all, you have been strongly opposed to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But I am intrigued whether you support the drone policy as a substitute for such wars, or whether you oppose it and for what reasons.

Perhaps, if you aren’t able to attend, you could send a reply that could be shared with the others.

Again, thank you for all of incredible support you have given RL over the years!!!

Your friend,

John K.

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Subject: Re: Vietnam All Over Again - July 10th
From: The Chancellors
Date: Mon, July 1, 2013 3:01 pm

Dear John,

Thank you for your gracious email.

I think the new policy you described is a positive change. However, we will not be at the July meeting. We have been traveling quite a bit since Denise's retirement and expect that that will continue.

Since we have not read "The Thistle and The Drone" we are not really in a position to have a well-grounded opinion on this important issue. However, two things come to mind that we are willing to share: (1) The drone policy seems to be a manifestation of American exceptionalism -- the attitude in foreign affairs that the US need not observe the rules that we expect others to follow (we are special); and (2) we suspect that the US would be outraged if some other country used drones to kill political enemies in other countries. Imagine China using drones in India. We are sure it will be a lively discussion.

Your friends,

Denise and Thomas

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