So Why Are NOT Iran and the P5+1 Negotiating a TREATY???

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So Why Are NOT Iran and the P5+1 Negotiating a TREATY???

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Why are the media Talking Heads busy telling each other that the Nuclear Agreement being negotiated by President Obama and Iran is NOT a treaty???

And, since it is allegedly NOT a treaty, does NOT need ratification by the U.S. Senate as required by the U.S. Constitution???

So far as I can tell, neither the Obama Administration nor any members of the media have explained why it is NOT a treaty!!!

Is it because the topic with which it deals is too important???

Or is it because a multi-lateral agreement can NOT be a treaty???

Multi-Lateral Agreements

If the fact that 7 countries would be signatories is the excuse why the agreement can NOT be a treaty requiring approval by the U.S. Senate in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, such a notion is ridiculous because the Iranians have long since announced that the agreement WILL REQUIRE THE APPROVAL OF THE IRANIAN PARLIAMENT!!!

[Which, of course, means that no matter how bad the agreement negotiated with Iran turns out to be, that is only Round One and the P5+1 will presumably have to make even more concessions to obtain approval by the Iranian Parliament!!!]

Such a notion that a multi-lateral agreement cannot comprise a treaty is also ridiculous because the U.S. has had MANY MULTI-LATERAL TREATIES!!!

After all, what does the media think the “T” in NATO stands for???

And what did the media think the “T” in SEATO stood for???


Let’s not embarrass the media by cataloguing all of the important and not-so-important agreements throughout American history that comprised multi-lateral treaties.

Because offending the media is not the way to get them to finally think about why they have been so gullible in swallowing the Obama Administration line that the pending nuclear agreement with Iran is NOT a treaty!!!

And if they can’t conjure an excuse that they aren’t too embarrassed to articulate, perhaps they will begin to question the Obama Administration line.

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