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Suggested Discussion Outline

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It is respectfully suggested that we discuss the Short Quiz Questions for which the Suggested Answers had been -- “What do you think??? Let’s discuss!!!”

Those questions, with their original numbering, were:

13. As we have studied many times in the past, is it possible to have democracy without a free press? In other words, do you think George Orwell’s Big Brother would have had any trouble receiving 100% of the vote if he had bothered to hold elections? Or is anyone surprised that Stalinist leaders around the world have historically experienced no trouble in being elected with more than 90% of the vote?

14. Does Iran have a free press?

15. Wouldn’t Iran’s Islamic Regime, which was established via a popular referendum shortly after the 1979 revolution, presumably remain popular? And couldn’t its control over the press and over dissidents be viewed as self-defense measures against foreign countries that would like to overthrow an essentially popular regime?

16. How have Iran’s poor fared as a result of the Revolution?

17. How have women fared as a result of the Revolution?

25. Is Iran likely to succumb to such pressure [the international boycott and, more importantly, the flooding of the oil market by Iran’s deathly enemies, The Gulf State Six, which flooding has cut the world price of oil in half], or will it accept the temporary economic sacrifice necessary to achieve the nuclear weapons that Ukraine was stupid enough to surrender?

27. If the NY Times article is correct [implying that Iran already has nuclear weapons], aren’t our current nuclear negotiations with Iran nothing more than an attempt get Iran to agree not to test any additional nuclear weapons so that we can pretend Iran doesn’t have them -- much like the U.S. was able to pretend for 13 years (1985-1998) that Pakistan didn’t have them?

For greater context, please see the Suggested Answers to all of the Short Quiz Questions which is posted in the "Participant Comments" Section of this Bulletin Board relating to this meeting.

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