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Original Proposal

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What's the Matter with White People?
Originally posted by UtahOwl Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:20 am -- 163 views before being transplanted here.

What's the Matter with White People: why we long for a golden age that never was, by Joan Walsh, is an interesting description of the disintegration of the New Deal coalition within the Democratic Party.

“In this wonderfully insightful book, Joan Walsh shows how America built a large and vibrant (although mostly white) middle class that fueled the greatest economic boom in history and made a reality of the American dream. Hers is the story of postwar America told through a working class New York Irish Catholic family whose political divisions mirrored the nation's. Moving and powerful, her account will help people of all races think through how we can build a just and prosperous multiracial America.” -- Robert Reich

Ruy Teixeira reviewed the book in The New Republic (http://www.newrepublic.com/book/review/ ... joan-walsh) --

“Walsh's insistence on re-engaging with the white working class, powerfully backed up by her personal story, is the signal contribution of her book. If she has not exactly prescribed how Democrats can successfully reach the white working class, she has forcefully reminded us that this is a problem that must be solved. Democrats would be well advised to embrace this imperative.”

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