Suggested Discussion Outline

Dear Friends,

Our next meeting is Wednesday evening Dec 16.

Please join us for OUR TENTH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION from 6:30 pm > 7:00 pm (more info below) or, if you prefer, come only from 7:00 pm > 8:55 pm for our formal discussion.


On December 16 we will meet in a guest room at the Red Lion Hotel because “there IS room at the inn” (but NOT at the library).

The Red Lion is 1.5 blocks south & 3.5 blocks west of the library, at 161 West 600 South. [You can’t miss it, a large 13-story building on the south side of 600 South.]

RSVP’s will receive an e-mail at 3 pm on Dec 16 containing the Room Number at the Red Lion Hotel, so you don’t have to wait in line at the desk in the lobby to ask.

[NB: If you do stop at the front desk, the room reservation is under John Karls.]


December 2005 was when we selected our first book and began reading for our first meeting in January 2006.

So in addition to our normal coffee and cookies, please join us 30 minutes early at 6:30 pm for our annual brief pre-discussion celebration with our traditional (for anniversaries) carrot cake and Champagne.


Saving Capitalism by Robert Reich ($20.23 + shipping or $13.99 Kindle from - 219 pages sans notes & index).

However, our long-standing tradition is that first-time visitors who just want to give us a try are not expected to have read the materials.


Non-Utah-residents (and residents who are out of town) are invited to participate in our meeting via Skype.

If you would like to do so, please e-mail with the subject “Request Participation Via Skype” and we will contact you to make appropriate arrangements.

We hope to see all of you on the 16th!!!

Reading Liberally – Salt Lake
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Suggested Discussion Outline

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It is respectfully suggested that we discuss:

1. The most important issues facing the American economy.
2. Prof. Reich’s position, if any, on each such issue.
3. The most effective position on each issue.

The Most Important Issues (please see the Suggested Answers to the Short Quiz in the Participant Comments Section of this Bulletin Board for details):

1. America’s Permanent Under-Caste
2. Exporting America’s Jobs (please see Section B of the Suggested Answers to the Short Quiz posted in the Participant Comments Section of this Bulletin Board and "Re Q&A B2 and 1968 Executive Order 11387 Re Exporting Amn Jobs" which is also posted in Participant Comments)
3. Importing Illegal Immigrants (De Facto Slaves) To Take American Jobs That Can NOT Be Exported
4. Inability Of The Federal Reserve To Deal With Unemployment
5. The Peter Principle And Managerial Competence
6. Other???

Possible Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaigns

1. To the Zuckerbergs vis-à-vis their 12/1/2015 pledge to establish a $47 billion charitable foundation -- to treat inner-city schools as a SOCIOLOGY problem, rather than an EDUCATION problem
2. Other???

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