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Suggested Discussion Outline

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A. The Democrat Party’s “War on Workers” for the last Two Decades

A-1. President Bill Clinton

A-1-a. Negotiated and signed NAFTA -- aka the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement pursuant to which so many American jobs have been exported to Mexico.

A-1-b. Negotiated and signed a free-trade agreement with China -- pursuant to which so many American jobs have been exported to China.

A-1-c. Negotiated and signed the Worldwide Free Trade Agreement creating the World Trade Organization -- pursuant to which so many American jobs have been exported to third-world countries.

A-1-d. Negotiated and signed approximately 300 additional free-trade agreements.

A-2. Importing Illegal Aliens to compete for American jobs that cannot be exported geographically

A-2-a. We have studied on numerous occasions how Illegal Aliens are de facto slaves because their labor is NOT subject to any minimum-wage laws as a practical matter because (A) employers are free to deduct from the minimum wage whatever they please for meals and housing, and (B) illegal aliens cannot, as a practical matter, complain about anything for fear their employers will report them to Immigration.

A-3. Mass exodus of blue-collar workers from the Democrat Party

A-3-a. “What Is The Matter With White People” by Joan Walsh (the focus book for our 8/12/2015 meeting) documented the exodus of blue-collar workers from the Democrat Party because all of the Democrat Party pols have been screwing American workers (please pardon “my French”) by exporting their jobs and importing illegal aliens to compete for jobs (e.g., construction, agriculture, etc.) that cannot be exported geographically.

B. The Establishment -- Definition = noun, The Billionaires --

B-1. Who “own” virtually all of the pols of both parties as a result of campaign contributions.
B-2. Who “own” many members of the media and many members of academia.
B-3. Who “own” political “think tanks” such as Brookings, Heritage, CATO and AEI.

C. America’s Permanent “Untouchable” Under-Caste

C-1. The U.S. Government has constantly and consistently reported for more than 50 years that 30% of Americans are illiterate as defined by the inability to read the warning label on a can of rat poison.

C-2. Typical conditions in America’s inner-city ghettos during the 1990’s were documented by Yours Truly as the volunteer national treasurer of the “I Have A Dream”® Foundation which provided 178 mentoring and tutoring programs for the entire grade level of an inner-city school (or class cohort of a public housing project), each with a guarantee of college tuition, in 51 American inner-cities as follows --

C-2-a. 99% of “Dreamers” living in single-adult households;
C-2-b. 95% of total Dreamers living in single-adult households headed by a druggie; and
C-3-c. 75%-80% of total Dreamers living in a single-adult household headed by a druggie who hands all receipts over to the pusher so the children have to steal just in order to eat.
C-3-d. High school graduation rates for the class ahead and behind each Dreamer class were typically SINGLE DIGIT.
C-4-e. Accordingly, virtually all inner-city children knew by the age of 5 that they were NOT eligible for their dreams -- and that their only realistic career objectives were pusher or pimp, or girl friend of a pusher or pimp graduating to whore.

D. The Establishment’s Democrat-Party Puppet and Republican-Party Puppet --

D-1. Have waged their joint “War on Workers” for more than 20 years and the War on Workers will not end until the cost of American workers has been reduced to third-world poverty levels.

D-2. Have refused for more than 50 years to provide a decent education for our inner-city children, which is the only way to mainstream America’s Permanent “Untouchable” Under-Caste.

D-3. Love to distract Americans from their War on Workers and their War on America’s Permanent “Untouchable” Under-Caste with such things as --

D-3-a. Social issues such as abortion.

D-3-b. Conning America’s Permanent “Untouchable” Under-Caste into believing that its most important political cause should be “police brutality” rather than undertaking the cost of providing an effective education for our inner-city children.

D-3-c. Conning Blue Collar Workers whose jobs have been exported into believing that their most important political cause should be obtaining guns under the Second Amendment in order (in addition to hunting) to protect themselves from members of the Permanent “Untouchable” Under-Caste, since causing such division is a lot cheaper than halting the exportation of American jobs.

E. The Establishment’s Free Use of America’s Armed Forces to Protect Their Exportation of American Jobs

E-1. The British Empire during its 1815-1914 heyday at least drained the wealth of an empire to benefit English citizens/taxpayers in exchange for footing the bill for acting as “Policeman of the World.”

E-2. However, during the 71 years since the end of World War II, the only discernable benefit for America’s footing the bill for acting as “Policeman of the World” has accrued to the multi-national corporations which have exported American jobs, and which will continue to do so until the cost of American workers has been reduced to third-world poverty levels.

E-3. 10 million nuked Americans from the execution of Osama bin Laden’s most famous fatwā is the only “benefit” American voters/taxpayers can expect for footing the bill for acting as “Policeman of the World” on behalf of the multi-national corporations that are exporting American jobs --

E-3-a. About Osama’s fatwā, the Founding Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government Graham Allison wrote a famous book on how to deal with the threat to nuke 10 million Americans -- which has NOT been implemented despite the strenuous efforts of former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn (D-GA and Senate Armed Services Committee Chair 1987-1995), former U.S. Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair 1985-1987 and 2003-2007) and Messrs. Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton (Chair and Co-Chair of The 9/11 Commission) -- as well as Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert.

[NB: Graham Allison’s prescription for all of the world’s nuclear powers to “lock down” every iota of fissile material and to prevent any non-nuclear powers, such as Iran, from enriching fissile material has not been implemented despite the strenuous efforts of Messrs. Nunn, Lugar, Kean, Hamilton, Brokaw and Russert.]

E-3-b. Osama’s fatwā IS BINDING on all of Osama’s followers, such as Al Qaeda, ISIS (which was known as Al Qaeda in Iraq before founding its Islamic State Caliphate), Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (i.e., Yemen from which so many attacks on The West have been launched), etc., etc.

E-3-c. Osama’s fatwā CANNOT BE REVOKED now that Osama is dead.

[A principle that was on prominent display when the Brits negotiated to restore diplomatic relations with Iran following the death in 1989 of Iranian Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini who had issued a famous fatwā to assassinate Salmon Rushdie in the wake of his fourth novel, The Satanic Verses -- the Brits were told by new Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei that the fatwā could NOT be revoked because Ayatollah Khomeini was dead.]

F. Is there any action we should be taking in addition to --

F-1. Our 2/12/2014 Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign to renew 1968 Executive Order 11387 to halt the Export of American Jobs by restricting the FREE FLOW OF CAPITAL --

F-1-a. The retention of more American capital in the U.S. would mean that the additional capital would have to be invested in domestic projects that would employ more American workers, thereby reducing or eliminating American unemployment; and

F-1-b. The resulting increase in the ratio of capital employed per American worker would cause the real income of American workers to rise once more.

F-2. Our many Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaigns (4/9/2014, 9/11/2013, 10/10/2012) to end the world’s dependence on oil & gas from the Middle East by switching to the FAR CHEAPER alternative of thorium fission --

F-2-a. Whose feasibility was demonstrated by an 18-month continuous demonstration project in the 1960’s at the U.S. Nuclear Research Laboratory at Oak Ridge TN.

F-2-b. Which was then shelved by President Nixon because thorium is INCAPABLE OF EXPLODING, so he thought it would be cheaper for America’s civilian nuclear power program to piggy back on its uranium/plutonium weapons program.

F-2-c. Which, in addition to ending the world’s dependence on the Middle East, has the additional advantages that --

F-2-c-i. Europe’s dependence on natural gas imports from Russia is eliminated.

F-2-c-ii. America’s gaping balance-of-payments deficit is eliminated and America’s piling up of foreign national debt is halted.

F-2-c-iii. Global warming is halted 100% virtually overnight, since thorium fission can be used for all of the world’s energy needs, including for electricity and for displacing AvJet (aka kerosene).

[NB: All 25 of our Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaigns are contained in the first section of]

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