We Have Our Quorum

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We Have Our Quorum

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Subject: Fwd: We Have Our Quorum
From: ReadingLiberally-SaltLake@johnkarls.com
Date: Sun, December 18, 2016
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Fwd: From George Kunath

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Ellen Birrell
Jay Hansen
Marcia Hansen
Jim Hutchins

Dear John,

Reur “boiler plate” request in yesterday’s Reading Liberally weekly e-mail for RSVP’s which said that the Jan 11 meeting will be cancelled if our minimum quorum of 6 RSVP’s is not achieved by midnight Fri Dec 23, you forgot that we already had 6 RSVP’s before our Dec 14 meeting adjourned.

Ellen Birrell and Jim Hutchins RSVP’d on the spot, as did Jay Hansen for both himself and his wife.

They plus the two of us make 6.



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