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Suggested Discussion Outline

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Suggested Discussion Outline --
Why William Shirer, the Author of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” Would Say That America Is Morally INFERIOR to Nazi Germany

A. The U.S. Government’s National Institute of Health (NIH)

A-1. The NIH funds virtually all medical research in America.
A-2. On 8/5/2016, the NIH adopted changes to its “2009 Human-Stem Cell Research Guidelines” to make research grants that do NOT prohibit the creation of “chimeras” (living organisms created using the DNA of two different species) that have human brains.
A-3. When we studied this issue 8 years ago for our 4/9/2008 meeting, a Yale U Biology Prof had created human-chimp chimeras with 25% human DNA and 50% human DNA, and was about to create one with 75% human DNA (Gwen Ifill, who interviewed him, failed to inquire whether the 50% human chimera happened to have 100% of its dominant traits human!!!).
A-4. The Salk Institute has just announced the creation of a human-pig chimera, though NIH funding was not involved.

B. Objectives

B-1. producing human organs for transplant to the human being whose DNA was used to create the chimera
B-2. hoping for a close-enough tissue match that the organ recipient, whose DNA was used to create the chimera, can minimize the drugs s/he would have to take for the rest of her/his life to suppress the immune system so that it does not reject the new organ (similarly to the drugs s/he would be required to take unless s/he had either an “identical twin” or a clone WHO donated the organ)
B-3. minimizing the chance of dying while languishing on a waiting list for a suitable organ for transplant
B-4. eliminating, if the recipient is too old or sick, being deemed ineligible for a waiting list for a suitable organ for transplant

C. Consequences

C-1. The chimera has to die
C-2. Therefore, the ethical/legal question of whether the chimera is a “human” entitled to constitutional rights
C-3. Is there really a significant difference between a clone and a chimera and, if so, what is it?

D. Possible tests for “human-ness”

D-1. Whether the chimera’s brain is human or near-human

D-1-a. Similar to the Ante-Bellum South’s determination for segregating “non-whites”
D-1-b. Similar to Nazi Germany’s determination for being a Jew

D-2. But what else is there?

D-2-a. Is the chimera (if it has a human tongue) able to learn to talk -- and, if so, can the “problem” be solved by surgically removing the tongues of chimeras at birth?
D-2-b. Does the chimera look human -- and would we, for example, empanel juries for making such factual determinations?

D-3. All chimeras are “unter-menschen” WHO have NO RIGHTS vis-à-vis “uber-menschen” except--

D-3-a. To have their organs harvested, and
D-3-b. To have (to avoid wastefulness) their meat eaten -- which would be cannibalism for anyone who thinks the chimera was human.

E. Should NIH funding be permitted for research in which the chimera is killed before the Roe v. Wade deadline for aborting the chimera if it were viewed as human?

E-1-a. NB: This does NOT solve the ultimate issue of whether killing millions of ADULT chimeras to harvest their organs (and, perhaps, to eat their meat) should be viewed as MURDER.

F. Why William Shirer, the author of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” would say that we are MORALLY INFERIOR to Nazi Germany --

F-1. We are planning to establish Nazi-style “death camps” to kill millions of chimeras
F-2. Unlike Nazi Germany, we had a free press so we knew what we were doing
F-3. BTW, are we entitled to escape any blame by hiding behind the Mainstream Media?

G. Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign?

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