Chris Matthews & Chuck Todd “Get” What Our Author Does NOT

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Chris Matthews & Chuck Todd “Get” What Our Author Does NOT

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Anyone who has read The Suggested Answers to the First & Second Short Quizzes can appreciate my frustration with people, such as our author, who would be viewed as “liberals” in conventional political terms, and who make pitiful attempts to understand why the “animals” in the “zoo” called “flyover America” act, in their view, “irrationally.”

For example, our author spends her 242 pages trying to understand, after a few short trips over 5 years to Southwest Louisiana to become acquainted with a few Tea Party members (60 in total of whom she describes 6 in detail), why they aren’t enthusiastic supporters of the Democratic Party because of its environmental policies!!!

Our author could have saved herself the trouble!!!

As described in The Suggested Answers to the First & Second Short Quizzes, the citizens of “flyover America” have been alienated by The Establishment’s WAR ON AMERICAN WORKERS for the last 25 years!!!

And although our author’s “zoo animals” in Southwest Louisiana may have suffered from some environmental incidents involving the oil and chemical companies that predominate in that area, THEY ARE DESPERATE FOR JOBS and view the Environmental Protection Agency as A THREAT TO THOSE JOBS!!!

Despite the studied ignorance of so-called “liberals” such as our author, there are at least two “liberals” who actually understand what has happened.

Yesterday (Sun Oct 29), NBC’s Meet The Press featured as a panelist Chris Matthews who has not only hosted for the last 20 years his weeknight talk show for NBC called “Hardball With Chris Matthews” but also hosted his own Sunday-Morning talk show for NBC 2002-2013 entitled “The Chris Matthews Show.”

After participating as a panelist on yesterday’s Meet The Press show, Chris Matthews was interviewed about his new book which Meet The Press Moderator Chuck Todd FAILED TO IDENTIFY.

[Indeed, Todd’s comments only hinted for Whodunnit Devotees that Chris Matthews might have written a book that they were discussing.]

"Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit” (Simon & Schuster) is scheduled for release tomorrow (Oct 31) and was the book they were discussing.


That (per the Meet The Press transcript that follows immediately below) “The Trump Base” comprises America’s workers AGAINST WHOM THE ESTABLISHMENT HAS CONDUCTED WAR FOR THE LAST 25 YEARS.

Indeed, you don’t have to read very far into the transcript to see Chuck Todd saying (and Chris Matthews agreeing) that Bobby Kennedy “was the last Democrat that was attempting to stitch together this coalition of basically what is now the Trump base” (i.e., “blue collar” workers)!!!

Yes, we have defined for virtually the entire 12 years of our group’s existence, The Establishment as the billionaires who, since 1992, have “owned” virtually all of the pols of both political parties as a result of campaign contributions, who “own” many (if not most) members of the Mainstream Media, and who “own” many members of academia.

And we have described The Establishment’s “War on American Workers” as: (1) the Exportation of American Jobs begun in earnest by Bill Clinton’s so-called “Free Trade Agreements” (of which NAFTA was only the first of more than 300 during his reign), and (2) Bill Clinton single-handedly reversing the outcome of the American Civil War by refusing to enforce The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 with the intended result that America has been flooded with de facto slaves who were/are forced to accept whatever treatment is meted out to them for fear of being reported to Immigration (a practice continued by Clinton's successors).

And we have marveled over how so many American workers over the last 25 years have been defrauded by what we have called “The left-hand puppet and the right-hand puppet of The Establishment’s Kabuki Theater”!!!

At least Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd (IF NOT OUR AUTHOR) recognize that American workers have seen through The Establishment’s Kabuki Theater and have elected as President an Anti-Establishment Candidate who declared his own war on The Establishment’s War on American Workers!!!

Enough already!!!

Respectfully submitted,

John Karls

Transcript – Meet The Press – 10/29/2017

[Last topic on the transcript.]


I want to do an awkward transition that's not so awkward because I want to give Chris a chance to talk a little Bobby Kennedy here. And the reason I want to talk about it, but I'm going to ask it this way, you heard Claire McCaskill try to downplay differences inside the party, the fractured party. What's interesting is you've been living with Bobby Kennedy for the last year.


Living with him for a year, the last couple of years.


I'm trying to figure it out.


We'll see how that plays on Twitter here in a second. Um But he was the last Democrat that was attempting to stitch together this coalition of basically--




--what is now the Trump base.


It's the--


Right? Is that what you've discovered?


--I didn't start the book with that idea years ago. But it it it clearly is, if you look at two pictures, think of Bobby Kennedy the night that Martin Luther King was killed. He goes into a tough neighborhood, African-American neighborhood in Indianapolis. The police wouldn't even go with him. And he stood there in front of this crowd and told them that Martin Luther King had been killed. They hadn't gotten the word yet. This is before Twitter and all this stuff. And he had to tell them that with a full heart and say, you know "My brother was killed by a guy, a white guy." And he's trying to talk to them. That sense of moral authority to cross the line from white to black is gone now. When he died the funeral train, look at the pictures of the people along the train ride, the tracks. You see African-Americans, 20,000 people in Baltimore, African-American singing spontaneously The Battle Hymn of the Republic. They learned it at church and they were singing it for him. And then you see the white guys, these poor white guys with dirty faces, the kids with no shirts on, their wives, they're poor people saluting him. That that patriotic unity of the Democratic base of working white people and working black people is gone.


Yeah totally.


Because Bobby, Bobby -- We were talking before the show about what he meant and his ability to inspire that. If anything, this book's going to revive the belief it's doable, that work working white and black people can have the same political goals.


Those cultural divides are huge.


I know they are today.

AL CARDENAS (another panelist):

Both sides are dissatisfied. Lack of inspiration is probably their biggest need.


That I agree with a lot.


Well, I hope--


That's a good final word there.


--the book inspires.


They're going to keep going. I'm going to end it here. That's all we have for today. We'll be back. Next week on our 70th anniversary, 70 years of Meet the Press. And if it's Sunday it'll be always Meet the Press. We’ll be right -- We'll see you then.


So Al Cardenas, you had to interrupt Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd in order to display your ignorance???

[Al Cardenas is a “Never Trumper” who chaired the American Conservative Union 2011-2014 and chaired the Florida Republican Party 1999-2003 during the first of Jeb Bush’s two terms as Governor of Florida -- Cardenas, a high-powered Washington DC attorney/lobbyist with Squire Patton Boggs, was a Senior Adviser and Fundraiser for Jeb Bush’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.]

So Al Cardenas, after Chris Matthews said of Donald Trump’s efforts to champion both white and black working people that “working white and black people can have the same political goals” you felt it was necessary to say “Lack of inspiration is probably their biggest need”???

No, “inspiration” is what you and the other members of The Establishment have been “selling” American workers for 25 years!!!

What they want are good-paying jobs!!!

Can anyone imagine a more patronizing comment from a member of The Establishment than all that the “natives” need to keep them “quiet” is yet one more “inspirational” speech?????

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