Applying Our Long-Standing MAD Doctrine to China Re No.Korea

In addition to The Suggested Discussion Outline, this section also contains a Proposed Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign about Applying Our Long-Standing and Effective Mutual-Assured-Destruction Doctrine to China Re North Korea.

The reasons for the Proposed E-Mail Campaign are contained in a posting entitled “An Attack From North Korea Is An Attack From China” located in the “Participant Comments” section of this bulletin board for our March 14 meeting.

That posting references quite a bit of information from The Suggested Answers To The Second Short Quiz entitled “The New National Defense Strategy” which is also posted in the “Participant Comments” section for our March 14 meeting.
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Applying Our Long-Standing MAD Doctrine to China Re No.Korea

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Proposed Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign --

The Honorable Donald J. Trump

Re: Applying Our Long-Standing and Effective MAD Doctrine to China Re North Korea

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you very much for all of your efforts to call attention to North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program which is estimated by our intelligence services to be capable in just a few months of hitting any city in the United States.

And thank you very much for all of your efforts to put pressure on China to compel North Korea to give up its nuclear-weapons program, in recognition of the fact that North Korea cannot exist without China.

As you have recognized, dealing effectively with North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program has been a problem that “has been kicked down the road” for a quarter century and now, as both you and your top advisers have so eloquently said: “There is no more road!”

However, it appears that the pressure applied to China may be about to fail and the “military option” that we have insisted is “on the table” has recently been described by your top advisers as only “a bloody nose.”

It is respectfully suggested that it is time to recognize that North Korea is a creature of China as a result of which China must be held accountable for any North Korean nuclear attacks under our long-standing Doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction that has served so well since the Cold War.

After all, China saved North Korea from defeat in the Korean War and the 7/27/1953 Korean-War Armistice Agreement between North Korea - China and the United Nations means North Korea and China are still at war with the United Nations. And in the 65 years since the truce, North Korea would have collapsed without constant economic support from China.

Indeed, it is respectfully suggested that if the American public were told all the facts, they would demand an announcement that retaliation for any North Korean nuclear attack will be directed against China.

So let’s start treating China’s leaders as knowing what they already know.

Thank you for your consideration.

Notes --

The foregoing has 1,992 characters w/spaces -- the limit on on e-mails to the president is 2,000 characters w/spaces.

On 3/8/2018, in recognition of the announcement that President Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un will meet in May, the words “may be” in the fourth paragraph above were changed from “is.”

This change brought the length of the e-mail from 1,988 characters w/spaces to 1,992.

BTW, if the reader attempts to “copy and paste” the proposed e-mail into a Microsoft Word file, there will be considerably more “characters w/spaces” unless each paragraph is momentarily combined with the succeeding paragraph and then re-separated. Our apologies for this quirk in our bulletin board software.

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