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Suggested Discussion Outline

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Suggested Discussion Outline

I. Our Focus Book – “The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Revolution Reshaping American Politics”

A. Election Basic Facts

A-1. President Trump “flipped” 6 states in the 2016 election
A-2. Except for Florida, all of the other 5 “flipped” states were in the Midwest “Rust Belt”

B. Our Authors’ Modus Vivendi

B-1. Detailed survey responses from 2,000 Trump voters, 400 of which came from each of the 5 “flip” states of the Midwest “Rust Belt” -- Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa

NB: 2,000 voters in the 5 “flip” states and 400 voters in each of the 5 “flip” states greatly exceed the number of voters surveyed in the “microscope” of most national/state voter polls per the National Council on Public Polls (

B-2. Traveling 27,000 miles to interview 300 Trump voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa -- the 5 “flip” states of the Midwest “Rust Belt”

C. Our Authors’ Findings = From the 300 personal interviews, virtually all of the interviewees fit into one of 7 categories --

1. Red-blooded and Blue-Collared
2. Perot-istas
3. Rough Rebounders
4. Girl Gun Power
5. Rotary Reliables
6. King Cyrus Christians
7. Silent Suburban Moms

D. Discussion Questions About Our Authors’ Findings

D-1. Was there really any difference between a nearly-universal culture craving respect, a nearly-universal attitude of pragmatism before ideology, and a nearly-universal attitude of localism rather than globalism (in other words, “America first”)?

D-2. Was it surprising that a fair cross-section of Midwest society supported Trump, not necessarily because of their own personal situations, but because of their horror over how “free trade” agreements over the last 25 years had destroyed the economy of the “Rust Belt”?

II. Economic Analysis of Yours Truly -- Discussion Questions

A. Is it surprising that opposition to “globalism” (which could also be described as “pragmatism” or as “a culture craving respect”) is the result of, as we have studied on numerous occasions, American jobs having been exported for 25 years pursuant to so-called “free trade” agreements?

B. Why does classic economic theory proclaim that “free trade” is good for everyone involved? In other words, that “specialization” increases the size of “the pie” to be shared? For example on an individual level, that you are far better off by hiring plumbers, electricians, doctors, dentists, etc., etc., and concentrating on what you do best? Rather than taking the time, for example, to Google how to solve a plumbing problem and then taking even more time to tackle the problem, probably without success?

C. Whether on the personal or international level, does the “win win” proclamation assume that you (or your nation) is actually concentrating on something you do (or your country does) best?

D. On the personal level, does the specialization theory work for you if you just sit back and do nothing? So why would anyone think for a moment that on the international level, exporting American jobs would be good for the country if we are simply putting people out of work???

E. Since the “globalists” traditionally made the argument that America’s “free trade” agreements are merely exporting low-level jobs and America will benefit as its workers transition into higher-level jobs, why have NOT the “globalists” ever really addressed the question of how American workers whose jobs have been exported, obtain the RE-TRAINING necessary to transition into higher-level jobs???

F. EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, why have NOT the “globalists” ever addressed the question of how TOMORROW’S American workers transition into higher-level jobs in light of the fact that the performance of America’s education system ranks DEAD LAST among the 35 countries that are members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)??? Not to mention below the level of many third-world countries???

G. AND PERHAPS EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, why have NOT the “globalists” ever focused on the fact that, as we have discussed many times, the performance of America’s K-12 schools is a SOCIOLOGY problem rather than an EDUCATION problem???!!!

H. What can be done to re-train American workers whose jobs are exported?

I. What can be done to address the SOCIOLOGY problems that result in America having an education system that produces “third world” results?

J. Is it any wonder that our authors believe that the election of Donald Trump was NOT a fluke, but represents a fundamental tectonic shift in the electorate that will last for many years, if not decades?

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